How To Use Spinach To Treat acne

No need too much money for the cosmetics for the treatment of acne. You can clear the acne and get smooth skin with spinach!

If you are a headache because of the pimples on your skin, this is a safe, efficient and economical solution to destroy acne. Check out the uses of spinach for acne.

Spinach vegetables are very familiar to us because it appears frequently and commonly used in everyday meals. With spinach, we can process delicious and nutritious dishes as dried shrimp soup cooked spinach, cooked spinach crab soup or stir-fried vegetables with garlic spinach…

Do not just stop at the nutritious food, spinach is also a natural medicine, especially the “wonder drug” for acne and skin care.

According to traditional medicine, spinach is sweet, cool and non-toxic with heat effect, detoxification, diuretic, and laxative, promote digestion process, treat boils, ulcers … But in the modern study results showed that spinach abundant vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and several minerals like iron, calcium, and active saponin have high anti-inflammatory properties that may eliminate acne.

Therefore, it contains wonderful ingredients beneficial to the skin and body. Spinach is a secret medicine that many women can use to regain bright skin, rosy and clear acne.

Depending on the acne area you can choose how to treat acne with spinach leaves as following:

How To Use Spinach To Treat acne

Facial area is where acne often attacks disfiguring skin that many women feel very self-deprecating. To destroy acne, apply the 2 ways below:

Method 1: Use spinach leaves


  • 5 spinach leaves

Preparation & Use:

  • Wash spinach leaves and crush them, and apply on the acne skin and then massage your face.
  • After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

If you do this daily, pimples quickly go offline.

Method 2: Spinach leaves combined with lettuce leaves


  • 5 lettuce leaves
  • 5 spinach leaves

Preparation & Use:

  • Wash spinach and lettuce leaves and crush them together.
  • Apply this mixture on face 2 times per day.

All kinds of acne, blackheads or acne nodules, pustules, pimples will easily destroy by anti-inflammatory properties of antiseptic lettuce and spinach.

Body acne with spinach vegetable

In addition to the facial area, chest, back or buttocks can get acne attacks that many women are not comfortable areas to wear favorite outfits. Want to overcome this situation?. It is not difficult, just take a moment and perform as follows:


  • 1 handful of spinach leaves and lettuce leaves
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Preparation & Use:

  • Take lettuce and spinach leaves and wash them and then pour salt into them to form a mixture.
  • After bathing, apply this mixture on your skin with acne on the back, chest …
  • And gently massage to quickly absorb into the skin and to promote the work.
  • Wait about 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water and dry the skin.

This should do 1-2 times a day to reduce inflammation and acne. Salt has antiseptic and has the ability to clean the skin, remove the sweat and sebum on the skin. When combined with spinach and lettuce, it will help to prevent the development of acne and remove acne effectively.

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