Remedy To Eliminate Warts Using 1 Ingredient


The wart is a small rise in skin, usually soft. Its size varies greatly. Aside from hurting and annoying, it’s a big problem for aesthetics. Not surprisingly, cartoon witches are always marked by a large wart on the nose, a major symbol of ugliness.

It is good to make it clear that they can arise in any other part of the body, such as arms, neck, armpits or feet. And it usually appears in places where friction is constant, as in fingers.

The problem is quite common but can become a major nuisance if there is inflammation, as it results in a larger, more painful and bleeding wart.

It is not yet known what causes these intrusions to appear on the skin, but immunity and genetics believed to be the most likely.

The good news is that we can eliminate any warts with just one ingredient and no pain or bleeding.

Let’s offer treatment options. It uses only one ingredient. That is apple cider vinegar. 

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Warts

Vinegar is powerful in combating various health problems and the warts are one of them. The application is easy.

  • Just wipe the area of the wart with mild soap and water.
  • Then put a piece of wet cotton with water on the wart and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Then dry, take another piece of wet cotton with apple cider vinegar and apply again in the compromised area.
  • Leave on for another 15 minutes and wash normally.
  • This procedure should repeat 3 times a day for a week.

Usually, warts getting dark, creating a crust and then falling. As for scars, they will not stay if the wart is not deep and the procedure should perform with care.


If the wart appears on the eyelids, exclude the possibility of using this alternative. But there is another great option. It also just needs one ingredient. We’re talking about banana peel. That’s right, what almost always goes into the trash can is an extraordinary remedy to eliminate warts. The process is quite simple.

  • Pass the inside of the bark of a banana on warts four times a day.
  • Normally, within a week the wart disappears.

Easy and cheap, is not it? Always consult your doctor.

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