How To Eliminate Belly Fat Caused By Stress

belly fat caused by stress

The fat in the belly can occur for various reasons such as hormonal problems, poor diet or stress, some becomes a little more difficult, sometimes we lower it for the reason that this fat caused by stress.

This is due to a stress hormone that has the name of cortisol. If found high amounts of fat caused by stress is difficult to lose with exercise and diet, causing diseases such as diabetes.

This type of fat can be detect as follows

  • Digestive problems and stomach pain.
  • Headache.
  • Bad mood.
  • Constant mood changes.
  • Desire to mourn.
  • Prolonged fatigue.
  • Hypertension.

How to eliminate that fat caused by stress

  • The consumption of vitamin C and vitamin A, is essential to remove the fat that is caused by stress in the body.
  • It is good to eat 5 healthy meals a day, maintaining a balanced diet and maintain constant levels of blood sugar.
  • Eat foods containing carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are balance, thus avoid increasing hormone cortisol.
  • You should avoid drinking caffeine, drinks containing alcohol. And remember to drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise helps to combat cortisol levels, not only help you to burn abdominal fat, is also good for your health, you can run, do yoga, dance, zumba or any activity that relaxes you and makes you feel less stressed.
  • Sleep is the best way to combat stress, must have a fixed schedule to get up and go to sleep, rest will help you to lose those extra pounds, since lack of rest in your body increases stress.
  • Finally you should always have positive thoughts about you.

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