Psoriasis & Exercise: How Exercise Can Help Psoriasis

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Psoriasis exposes itself in the skin, but the problem lies beneath it, and the best way to prevent outbreaks is to stay active and in good shape. We explain how exercise can help psoriasis.

Any increase in the level of daily physical activity will be a step in favor to avoid the occurrence of diseases associated with psoriasis, since it results in higher cardiorespiratory work and an improvement in physical condition, reducing the risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, or cardiovascular diseases. You can start by making some healthy choices every day, such as go up the stairs, walk to the store, walk through the park.

Also, we must inform ourselves and have a primary health education to help us understand that our skin lesions, although they are visible, are also treatable and that having them for some time does not mean that we should ashamed or alter our activities due to their cause. If we can not stand that others see the injuries, and this prevents us from practicing outdoor sports or in the gym. For example, it is convenient to have some psychological support that allows us to overcome it.

How Exercise Can Help Psoriasis

Performing aerobic exercise of moderate intensity provides great physiological benefits to any person and, of course, to patients with psoriasis, to which it provides the following beneficial effects that will help to control the evolution of the disease:

1. Reactivates The Body’s Metabolism

The fact of doing vigorous physical exercise will produce activation of our muscles, our cardiovascular system, and our respiratory system. Also, hormones will release, and the basal metabolism that makes all this happen increases.

2. Helps To Manage Lipid And Sugar levels

When doing physical exercise, primarily aerobic, we perform a cardiac effort that keeps our blood vessels permeable and free of fat accumulation. Activating our muscles more vigorously than usual, makes us use those sugars that may be free in blood and, therefore, regularize blood glucose levels.

3. Improves Immune System

It helps to activate the defense cells that circulate throughout our body through the bloodstream in a more exhaustive way when performing physical exercise and manage to reach those areas where the inflammation present in psoriasis must be modulated.

4. Improves Functions Of Blood Vessels And Heart

The heart is made up of muscle, and physical exercise will condition it progressively. Concomitantly, this effort makes the pumping of the heart stronger and prevents the accumulation of atheromatous plaques in our blood vessels.

5. Decreases The Caloric Energy With The Consequent Weight Loss

By increasing the physical activity we perform, we will decrease the number of calories preserved. If we do not accumulate calories in our body, we will lose weight.

6. Improves Self-esteem And Perception Of Body Image

Any physical exercise that we practice will have a reward. In principle, we notice more energy during the day. Then we see changes in our muscle tone and weight loss. It will make us feel good ourselves because of the effort made and also with our body.

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