How To Do Plank Exercise And Its Benefits

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At the approach of summer, the swimsuit makes you an eye, and there is an exercise that can help you work every muscle of your body that is nothing but plank exercise. Just spend 5 minutes a day. The results are surprising!

The nature of this exercise is to “float” above the ground at least once a day, for a few minutes while holding your balance with your elbows, your hands, and your feet.

Of course, you have to keep this position for 2 minutes, which is not an easy task. Because with such a position, you activate a large number of muscles. As a result, you’ll end up with a muscular back, a cellulite-free butt, sculpted legs, a flat stomach, and muscular arms!

How To Do Plank Exercise

The plank is a static exercise, which does not involve a large number of movements, but balance is essential.

  • Lie on your stomach by bending your arms at a 90 ° angle, with only your elbows to hold you back.
  • Your body should form a straight line, do not bend your back or legs.
  • Place your hands against the floor on each side of your chest.
  • Lift the torso with the strength of your arms until they are straight.
  • The torso and legs should be off the ground, and the legs should rest only on the tips of the toes.
Tips To Do Plank Exercise Perfectly

Feet: For a better balance, gather your feet. Because this will increase the pressure on your abdominal muscles.

Legs: The legs should form a straight line. If this is not the case, the pressure on the right abdominal muscle will reduce.

Buttocks: Tighten your buttocks until the end of this exercise as this activates more the muscles of the torso.

Lower Back: When doing this exercise, the back should keep the shape of a straight line. To make it easier, imagine that your back is stuck to the wall.

Belly: Tuck your belly to emphasize your muscles. Try to do this exercise without holding your breath.

Elbows: To avoid putting too much pressure on your shoulders, place your elbows directly below their joints.

The goal is to keep this position as long as possible. For beginners, 10 seconds can do the trick. As a general rule, this position retained for a period ranging from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

Take 2 minutes break and then repeat the exercise. For a beginner, five times in a row can do the trick. Do not try to reach a record, and it would be better to start slowly.

It is recommended to do this exercise every day, preferably at the same time.

The Benefits Of The Plank Exercise

Buttocks Muscles: This exercise focuses on the gluteal muscles and hamstrings (back of the thigh). Therefore, you muscle your buttocks, but you also get rid of cellulite.

Back Muscles: This exercise activates the muscles in your back, but also the shoulders and neck. It can use as a prevention tool against osteochondrosis at the stroke or lower back.

Plus, this exercise frees your shoulders or shoulder pain, which can happen when the person is carrying heavy bags or spends the day sitting in the office.

Shapely legs: This exercise focuses mainly on the legs because all the muscles of this part of the body are activated. As a result, you will have beautiful and well-muscled legs.

Muscular Arms: With this exercise, be sure that you will have well-muscled arms because the arms hold half the weight of the human body.

Flat belly: When the body is stretched, it automatically activates the abdominal muscles. You will ultimately get a flat belly, well muscled.

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