10 Best Pilates Exercises To Tone Your Body

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One of the ways to exercise the body that has gained great relevance in recent years is Pilates exercises. Knowing them will help you include them in your training sessions and thoroughly enjoy their benefits. The Pilates exercises have changed the way of physical training, incorporating the mind and help the body control. Here, you’ll find the best Pilates exercises and their benefits. Read on!

Without a doubt, they have become the main ally of countless people to achieve a stable, firm, and balanced body. For this reason, says some Pilates exercises that will make a difference and help you focus on the course of training.

Benefits Of Pilates Exercises

The benefits of the Pilates Exercises can see in those who practice this discipline as body training. In addition to burning calories and lose weight, this shapes your figure, stimulates the strength of the muscles, making you look more toned. Other benefits are summarized as follows:

1. Correct Body Posture

Pilates exercises help you keep your back straight, and your stomach contracted. It avoids discomfort in the lower back and makes you look stylized.

2. Provides Greater Flexibility

The stretching provided by the practice of this method keeps your muscles fit by preparing them for other activities.

3. Increase Energy

Pilates exercises help to increase energy levels by improving circulation and stimulating the proper breathing technique.

4. Keep The Body Relaxed

These exercises help you to get relaxed, inducing a better rest. Also, it gives you a way of self-control so that you learn to master and direct the forces.

Without a doubt, it offers physical and mental well-being that increases self-esteem, improving the way you conceive your body.

Best Pilates Exercises

One of the advantages of Pilates exercises is that you can do it from home or your favorite gym. Ideally, you should perform a routine, taking into account the various physical and mental aspects.

1. Scissors

This exercise gives muscle elasticity and works the thighs.

How To Do:

  • Lying on your back, right, face up.
  • Raise the legs at a 90 ° angle.
  • Raising the trunk, hug one of the legs while the other descends to the floor. Keep this position for a few seconds.
  • Do the same with the other leg.
  • Perform several series of 10 alternating movements.
2. Pilates With Weights

This exercise strengthens triceps and tones the inner side of the arms.

How To Do:

  • Sit on a chair with your right back and your feet on the floor at 90 °, holding a weight in each hand.
  • Raise the arms straight over the head while exhaling.
  • Bring the flexed arms to the neck while inhaling.
  • Perform ten repetitions.
3. Spine Twist

It favors the lumbar region.

How To Do:

  • Sit with your legs straight and glued together.
  • Stretch your arms sideways.
  • Turn the torso together with the arms in the direction of the side about three times while inhaling.
  • Return the trunk to the front and relocate the extended arms to the sides, exhaling.
  • Do the same on the opposite side.
  • Perform three to six repetitions.
4. The V

It is an excellent exercise for the elongation of arms and legs and lumbar and abdominal strengthening.

How To Do:

  • Lie on your back with straight arms and legs.
  • Raise both legs to about 45 °.
  • Raise the torso with the arms stretched and in parallel with the legs. The position presents an analogy with the letter V.
  • Perform ten repetitions.
5. Swiss Ball Crunch

This exercise helps to strengthen abdominal without impact on the back.

How To Do:

  • Lie on your back on the ball with your torso level, your feet flat on the floor.
  • Place the hands behind the head, on the neck.
  • Lift the trunk and shoulders. Keep the position for a second.
  • Retake the position of origin with a concentration in the movement.
  • Do ten repetitions.
6. Push ups

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The common in most exercise methods are push ups since the upper body works.

How To Do:

  • Lie on your stomach on a mat.
  • Support your knees on the floor, keeping your back and neck straight, slowly flexing.
  • For added strength, do it with your legs fully stretched.
  • Repeat the process ten times.
7. Roll Up
This exercise strengthens the abdominal area and works on back, legs, and buttocks.

How To Do:

  • Lie fully extended, legs together, and arms stretched back from the head.
  • Going up with your arms stretched and inhaling. Tilt the torso until the arms are parallel with the legs.
  • Return to the original position while exhaling.
  • Perform six repetitions.
8. Rolling Back

It contributes to abdominal and lumbar strengthening.

How To Do:

  • Sit with your legs flexed near your chest.
  • Hug the legs. The head should rest on the knees.
  • Go back until the shoulder blades touch the ground. Inhale in this position.
  • Return to the previous position while exhaling.
  • Do for three minutes of running.
  • Perform six to ten repetitions.
9. The Saw

It provides muscle flexibility and strengthens the spine.

How To Do:

  • Sit with your legs straight and open, exceeding the width of your hip, with your arms crossed. Keep your back straight.
  • Turn the torso to the side while inhaling.
  • Exhale and tilt the trunk forward, keep the torsion and bring the arms extended to the respective side so that the hand touches the outside of that foot.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • Perform four or five repetitions of each side.
10. Leg Lifts

It will strengthen the lower back to avoid injuries in other activities.

How To Do:

  • Lie on your exercise mat on your back.
  • Next, support your outstretched arms and lift your legs for about 10 seconds without taking your back off the floor.
  • Perform several repetitions.
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