17 Best Benefits Of Pilates

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The Pilates benefits are very varied. Millions of people recommend the practice of these exercises for their remarkable results in changes in the body. Here, we’ll give you the best Pilates benefits that you should know.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a discipline based on the development of internal muscles that helps to maintain body balance, and that gives firmness and strengthens the spine.

For this reason, Pilates is a method that is usually used for rehabilitation, cure back pain, or correct body position. Also, its practice when you do not have cervical or lumbar discomfort helps to prevent bad postures and the consequences they may have for the back.

Pilates can do with machines, on the ground, and with or without accessories. The most common practice is to go to a group class in which a monitor establishes some exercises. There are also other personalized individuals for those who need more specific exercises.

Pilates Benefits

1. Improves Body Posture

Exercises that are performed during a Pilates session contribute to postural hygiene. It improves the position of the abdomen, chest, and shoulders. In this way, a correct posture is achieved when standing, walking, or sitting. Thus, it helps to avoid backaches that lead to maintaining incorrect body postures.

2. Weight Loss

Pilates helps to activate the metabolism, which is the body function that regulates energy expenditure. By accelerating metabolism, we increase body temperature, sweating, and burn calories. In this way, we gradually facilitate weight loss.

Ideally, combine Pilates with some aerobic exercise, such as walking, dancing, running, swimming, cycling, etc.

3. Shape Figure

By toning the muscles, Pilates help to shape the figure. The muscle do not gain volume but remains more defined. The stretching and flexibility exercises also improve our silhouette.

4. Increase Flexibility

The Pilates exercises are based on the movement and stretching of the body, which allows the lengthening of the muscles. Therefore, this causes gradually gaining body flexibility.

5. Eliminates Back Pain

Women are a fundamental part of the family, and that is why we must take care of ourselves. Reconciling work and family life entails considerable energy expenditure. With all these activities that mistreat your spine, often, the result is severe back pain.

With the help of custom-made Pilates exercises, your back will recover its strength and shape, eliminating back pain and feeling strong.

6. Fights Osteoporosis And Osteopenia

Osteoporosis and osteopenia are two common bone pathologies, which mostly affect women with the arrival of menopause. Bones (especially wrists, hips, and lumbar spine area) become fragile. Sometimes, the bones become so weak that even a slight injury or a fall can cause severe fractures. To avoid these situations, Pilates will be your best ally.

Regular practice of Pilates, helps you to have stronger bones and with higher bone density, since the muscles when contracting pull the bone generating more bone.

7. Perfect For Knee Injuries

Pilates is a method for the recovery of knee injuries such as meniscus or cruciate ligament tears. The process must go through several phases, being the first to eliminate pain and begin to give movement to the joint. Then, the knee will strengthen so that it has a fluid movement until it allows daily activities or exercises.

8. Helps In Menopause

Menopause is one of the moments of significant physical changes that you face during your life. Your physical condition changes, you usually gain weight, you have frequent mood swings, you lose bone density, etc. All these changes can improve by performing pilates classes, putting greater emphasis on the toning of body muscles, abdominal breathing, and concentration.

As you get older, although you retain some muscle strength, you lose muscle mass, which gradually modifies your posture. Pilates works strength and tone, allowing you to preserve your posture and avoiding musculoskeletal pain.

9. Prevents Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is common in women at different stages of life. Alterations in the bladder often appear during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as during menopause. Do not forget that the bladder is hormonally dependent. That is, it influences the hormonal levels we have, but especially the state of our pelvic floor. With Pilates, you can strengthen your pelvic floor, improving your postpartum recovery, and preventing urinary incontinence.

10. Helps During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the needs of each woman’s body change significantly every week. The customized Pilates soften these changes and help you prepare for childbirth. The muscles will strengthen to support the uterus that is enlarged.

At the end of pregnancy, you increase the stretching and improve breathing, something fundamental for the delivery. During the Pilates session and as your volume increases, exercises focusing on arms, shoulders, shoulder girdle, back, hips, and legs are reinforced. All this makes you feel better during pregnancy, improve your physical condition to face the delivery, and achieve a strong back and arms to breastfeed your baby correctly.

11. Improves Breathing

Pilates exercises are complemented by breathing to help to relax the body and facilitate movement. As a consequence of this practice, people who do Pilates can control their breathing better.

12. Reduce Stress

This discipline is a great tool to control anxiety and modulate the body’s responses to physical, mental, and emotional stress. Due to the union between body and mind by concentrating on movements and controlling breathing, it helps to reduce tension and eliminate stress.

13. Help You Sleep Better

By reaching a very high state of relaxation and helping to eliminate negative thoughts from the mind, practicing Pilates favors our sleep and a good rest. Also, through deep inspiration and exhalation, toxins will eliminate that allow better oxygenation of the skin, muscles, and internal organs, which will lead you to a state of greater relaxation when it is time to rest.

14. Improves Concentration

This discipline was called Contrology because of the need to use the mind to control the body. That is why one of the tremendous psychological rewards and one of the fundamental principles of Pilates is precisely concentration. It is necessary to work our ability to concentrate on controlling the breathing and the movements of our bodies.

15. Improves Balance And Coordination

Pilates helps to achieve optimal balance and body coordination. You will strengthen the area between the base of the ribs and the pelvis and the intra-articular muscles that give precision and control, improving your balance. Coordination is present in every Pilates movement, since you do not work by zones, but you imply the globality of the body. At the same time, you work the posture and multiple muscles from head to toe. Long, thin, and strong muscles are promoted instead of shortened and bulky muscles, something good to keep you slender and feminine.

16. Improve Self Esteem

On the other hand, when we begin to see the changes that occur in our body, more toned and light, our confidence will be strengthened, and it will be easier to start without unhealthy habits, such as smoking or overeating. All these small changes can lead us to a healthier routine with Pilates as a big boost.

17. Fits Any Physical Condition

The practice of Pilates is beneficial for everyone. Whether you start exercising or if you are an athlete, or if you are pregnant or somewhat older. Pilates adapts to you due to its thousands of possible exercises.

The Pilates benefits are incredibly useful for women of all ages. It promotes the general conditioning of the body, increasing the well-being and health, both physical and mental of any person.

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