10 Best Pectoral Exercises To Get Firm Breasts

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The two pectoral muscles on which the breast rests play a significant role not only for aesthetics but also for posture. Here are the best pectoral exercises to get firm breasts.

The breast is an organ composed of glands and fat that rests on the two pectoral muscles, or the part on which to work to tone the tissues and obtain a higher breast.

Training the pectoral muscles is the best way to make the breast look taller and firmer and to have a more upright posture. The pectoral exercises we show you on the following are easy to do and affordable for everyone.

Best Pectoral Exercises

1. Bench

This exercise is functional not only for the chest muscles but also for training the triceps. The use of the stability ball also helps to improve balance and coordination.

Lie on your stomach, resting your back on the stability ball and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Hold the dumbbells close to the armpits, with the knuckles pointing towards the ceiling and the back of the hand towards the feet. Then push the arms upwards, until you stretch the arms almost wholly, and count up to three. Slowly return to the opening position and repeat everything from the beginning.

2. Handlebar

Unlike the bench, the handlebar is an exercise more focused on chest training.

Start from the same position shown for the exercise of the bench, lying on the stability ball or the floor, with your belly up and knees bent. Then stretch your arms over your chest, keeping your elbows slightly bent and the dumbbells in your hands, with your knuckles resting against each other. Then open your arms to align your elbows with your shoulders, and count up to three. Finally, return the arms to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

3. Push Up

Lie on your stomach. Place your palms on the floor next to the armpits. Then push with your arms until they are almost completely relaxed. Now bend your legs on your knees and cross your ankles, keep them suspended in the air. In this way, you will have to find the position from which to perform the bending.

Make sure you keep your abdominals taut and the nape of your neck on the same line as your pelvis. Slowly lower your arms for three or four seconds, finally return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise as you can.

4. Push Up With Medicine Ball

This exercise allows the pectoral muscles to tone due to the use of an unstable surface such as the medicine ball, to improve balance.

Start from the same starting position for the push-ups, but resting only the left hand on the ground and place the right hand on a medicine ball instead. Then carry out the bending, finally return to the starting position. Now roll the medicine ball towards your left hand and repeat the same exercise you just performed.

Do three sessions of ten or twenty repetitions each.

5. Burpees

This exercise allows not only to use the pectorals during the push-up phase but also to improve the stability of the body.

Perform a push-up. Once completed, keep your hands resting on the floor and jump using only your legs and coming to take a crouched position. Lift your hands off the ground and blow up as high as possible. Conclude the jump by returning to a crouched position. Then place your palms on the floor and stretch your legs back, ready to perform another push-up. Repeat the exercise in four sessions of twenty times each, leaving 30 seconds of pause between each session.

6. Medicine Ball

This exercise is also beneficial for the shoulders and the muscles of the arms and legs. As far as the pectoral muscles are concerned, however, the higher the force with which you throw the ball on the ground, the more you will train the chest muscles.

Hold the medicine ball with both hands, raise your arms above your head, while keeping your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Now forcefully throw the ball on the floor, then retrieve it and complete three sets of twenty shots.

7. Hand Presses

Stand or sit, put your hands in front of you at breast level, with your fingers upwards. From this position, spread the elbows outwards, but without removing hands, and exerts pressure towards the inside.

Push your hands against each other, holding the position for about 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times. With time, in addition to repetitions, you can also increase the pressure seconds.

8. Flexes Or Bending On The Arms

They can perform with open or closed arms. In both cases, the pectoral muscles are trained, but the more you tighten your arms, the more the triceps and the inner part of the chest are involved.

Place your hands on the floor at an angle of at least 90 degrees with the elbow. Stretch so that you hold onto your feet and keep your whole body straight, without arching your back. Try to keep your abs tight. At this point, lower yourself until the chest touches the ground, then return to the starting position. Perform at least three sets of 5 repetitions.

If this type of push-ups is too strenuous, instead of holding onto your feet, place your knees on the ground and perform the same movement.

9. Arms Outside And Above

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Standing upright, hold two weights, and extend your arms outwards. From this position lift both arms to join them over the head and return them to the starting position. Repeat the exercise ten times for three series.

10. Bend Arms At 90 Degrees

Standing or sitting, with your back straight, hold two weights and fold your arms in front of you until you have your hands in front of your eyes. Try to form a 90-degree angle.
At this point, spread your arms and close them slowly, trying to keep them bent. Repeat ten times for three sets.

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