How to Overcome Physical and Mental Fatigue

How to Overcome Physical and Mental Fatigue?

Discouragement without explanation and lack of motivation to continue any activity.. even the one that you like so much. If you notice some of these symptoms, keep an eye on them. They can be the result of a physical and mental fatigue. This is due to a stressful life and unhealthy habits, making them harmful to your health. Of emotional or physical origin, fatigue can affect both children and adults. And if left untreated, it can alter the functioning of the organism. This further leads to trigger illnesses and compromise daily activities. Thereby activities will no more be enjoyable as before. Thus dull and boring obligations will leap into life. The logic goes something like if you accumulate tensions and fatigue.. it will become a pressure cooker and one hour it explodes, doing more damage. So it’s time to get out of the chair and improve self-esteem!

Is this your problem?

To try to identify if your problem is even scam and exhaustion.. you need to know what are the symptoms of physical and mental tiredness :

  1. Activity levels greatly impaired;
  2. Depression, even if at very discrete levels;
  3. Unsatisfactory sleep;
  4. More considerable difficulty in dealing with stressful situations;
  5. Exhaustion or exhaustion, as if their energies had got down;
  6. Increased effort to try to maintain the same level of mood as in the past.
  7. Loss or even loss of income at work, at school and even in social, relationship and leisure activities.

In general, the picture is progressive. These symptoms are interspersing periods of great fatigue with periods of calm.

How to overcome physical and mental fatigue?

You need to review the way you are dealing with your problems and frustrations. Sometimes a simple change of posture can free you from more significant health damage. To reverse this picture the advice is:

  • Relax . Take a hot bath or hot tea before going to bed.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • Drink plenty of water during the day;
  • Maintain a healthy diet with vegetables and fruits. Avoid fatty and sugary foods;
  • Have fun with friends and family;
  • Receive a massage;
  • Take a vacation;
  • Get regular exercise and walks.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements are also an option to end the fatigue.

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