How To Use Onion Juice for Hair Loss

Onions are usually using in the kitchen, or at least that’s how most people come. However, they can also use as a natural remedy. The onions are very interesting for the treatment of several pathologies, among them, the hair loss. Here, you’ll know how to use onion juice for hair loss.

Hair loss is common all over the world, with hundreds of millions of men and women suffering from this problem. The most common cause is a hereditary condition, in which little or nothing can do against it. Other possible causes are the side effects of some remedies or even hormonal changes.

The solution is some treatments for baldness, and there are already clinics directly geared towards this type of treatment. However, many people have at home a powerful ingredient to treat hair loss – the onion! You may have never heard of this, but the onion juice will work miracles in protecting your hair loss!

Does Onion Juice For Hair Loss Work?

Onions contain certain minerals that are beneficial to the hair, and studies conducted indicate that using this juice on the scalp helps to regain hair loss.

They performed the test, using onion juice, on several people suffering from hair loss. The juice was applied twice a day.

After two weeks: Hair growth was started.

After four weeks: More than 75% of people who participated in the study showed visible hair growth.

After six weeks: Almost 90% of this population confirmed a better growth of their hair.

The test was performed on both men and women, and it found that in males, the growth was higher, although it was also significant in the ladies.

Does Onion Help To Grow Hair?

The nutrients of the onion “feed” the hair follicles, increasing the volume, shine, and strength of the hair. In addition to avoiding hair loss, the onion juice still promotes the growth of new hair.

This juice is rich in certain substances from the onion that are beneficial in treating this problem, which affects millions of men and women.

Properties Of Onion Juice For Hair Loss

1. Antioxidants Properties

The existing flavonoids in the onion are antioxidants that protect the body by regressing the aging process. Free radicals can destroy the hair follicles and weaken the hair, leading to its fall.

Antioxidants are precisely the “police” of free radicals, protecting the body from these “villains.” This way will eliminate free radicals, keeping the scalp healthy and stronger.

2. Antimicrobial Properties

The known antimicrobial properties also help to disinfect and cleanse the scalp.

In some cases, hair loss is due to some existing infection. Thus, the use of onion juice will help to treat this infection by fortifying the hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

3. Sulfur

The sulfur in onions is a compound they believe in aiding in hair growth. It is a fairly common mineral in the body that needed for the synthesis of essential proteins and enzymes.

In this way, the sulfur in the onion can provide the hair with the nutrition that it needs to grow.

How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Loss

If you are determined to use onion juice to increase your hair and prevent it from falling, the process is quite simple, and anyone can do it at home.

  • Peel 3 or 4 onions and cut into small pieces.
  • Remove the juice from the onion, squeezing it or using a juicer.
  • Apply the juice to the scalp. The closer the hair roots, the better.
  • Before washing, let the juice act for about 30 minutes, so that the scalp well absorbs it.
  • If the smell is too intense and cannot handle, you can add a little lemon juice to calm the smell a bit.
  • You can also use essential oils such as peppermint oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil.
Side Effects Onion Juice On Hair

Although it is a natural remedy, it can have some side effects, especially in people who are allergic to onion.

If you have sensitive skin or skin problem, you should also apply this treatment with some care as it can cause redness and itching in these cases.

You can take the test at home to find out if the onion juice will cause some reaction on your skin.

To do this, you can apply a few drops of the juice on the wrist, just below the palm. Rub carefully and let stand for a few seconds. If it feels itchy, turns red, or causes some irritation on your skin, then you should avoid doing this treatment.

If on the other hand, nothing happened, in principle there will be no problem in having the juice of onion in contact with your skin.

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