10 Best Exercises You Can Do At Office

Getting up for water or doing crunches on the desk chair are some simple exercises that activate the muscles and reduce the numbness of the muscles. They are simple, they do not take much time, and they help you to “wake up” when you feel that you do not have the will or strength to move. Here you’ll find office exercises to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Memorize them to avoid, the usual, back pains. It is enough to spend 10 minutes a day doing stretching throughout the workday. You do not even have to stay away from your place of work. Your desk, your chair or even anything you had on the table, such as a bottle of water, are places and objects that can help you to be in shape and move your sedentary lifestyle away ( as a simple towel can be).

For those who spend consecutive hours sitting in front of a computer or do not have time to train periodically, keeping the body active is essential to avoid the consequences of the sedentary lifestyles, such as accumulation of fat, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or continuous back pain.

As a first step to counteract this inactivity, during the workday, we can practice simple exercises that will only take time to loosen up the body and activate the muscles. Although we cannot substitute these small routines for the gym, they will be of great help for those who want to start taking care of themselves.

A fundamental part of this “table” are stretches that you can do sitting in the chair of your workplace. Joining the knees, maintaining the correct posture of the back or making gentle movements with the neck are some of the exercises that will not take you more than a few minutes a day. But we also do not forget the cardio exercises.

Something as simple as walking to work and back home, get off a stop earlier or, why not, go up and down all floors on foot, are gestures that only change a little your daily routine and you will report countless benefits.

Office Exercises To Avoid A Sedentary Lifestyle

1. Climb the stairs

The simple exercise we have before our eyes as soon as we get to work. Instead of going up in an elevator, choose the stairs to work the muscles of the legs. It is an aerobic exercise that reinforces especially quadriceps and gluteus when going up and femoral and gluteus when going down. If our position is on the 8th floor, it is not necessary to climb all the floors at once, we can start progressively going up in the elevator to the fourth floor, and then we use the stairs.

2. Walks Every 40 Minutes

To avoid the consequences of spending more than 6 hours sitting a day, we should look for a reason to get up every 40 or 60 minutes and activate the muscles. This way we avoid that the muscles become stiff and the pain. A simple trick is to use the excuse of drinking water to get up. Instead of having a liter and a half bottle of water on the work table, we take a 250cc bottle that forces us to get up and fill it every few minutes.

3. Neck Stretch

One beneficial exercise that reduces the risks of suffering cervical pain consists of grabbing the left ear with the right hand above the head and pulling the neck to the side for 45 seconds. Then do it to the opposite side. You can supplement this exercise with another equally effective movement if the discomfort persists.

  • Link your hands and place them at the base of your head, just above the nape of the neck, and from there press down with the chin to the chest.
  • Breathe a couple of times.
4. Shoulder Stretches

The best exercise to avoid discomfort in the shoulders.

  • Raise the shoulders to the ears and maintain the posture a couple of seconds.
  • Repeat it eight times.
  • Another beneficial exercise is to perform circular movements backward and forwards with the shoulders being aware of the movement and with a broad path.
5. Back Stretches

Perform back stretches in the working day every two hours, as much as possible. The main stretch is standing in our position.

  • Stand with back straight and legs at a right angle with our feet on the ground.
  • Support the right hand on the left arm of the chair and the left hand on the right buttock, causing a twisting of the body to the left.
  • Breath deeply three times for 2 minutes.
  • When finished, repeat this exercise to the other side, and ready to continue working.
6. Squats

Almost without realizing we have the possibility of practicing the star exercise to train legs and glutes.

  • Just get up and sit on the chair ten times every hour. Always looking for the movement of the body.
7. Abdominals

Without getting up from the chair, you can work the abdomen to facilitate the burning of fats, especially if the work forces us to eat out and unbalanced food.

  • Just tighten the navel by inserting the abdomen in, with the back well attached to the seat.
  • We can practice it once a day with three sets of 15 repetitions each.
8. Pressure Exercise

It will also help us to work abdomen and legs, tighten our knees while we are sitting.

  • Press the knees against each other for 10 seconds activating the abdomen.
  • Rest and repeat ten times.
9. Lumbar Reinforcement
  • Sit with your feet resting on the floor, your legs separated by the distance of the hip and the back straight.
  • From this position, let yourselves fall on legs doing three deep breaths.
  • Climb little by little and curving the back.
  • The recommendation is to repeat it two times every 2 hours.
10. Lace

Since we get up for water, we will work the cufflinks by raising our heels and standing on tiptoe between 10 and 15 times. This simple exercise improves circulation and loosens the legs. It can complement by doing ten circles with the feet to the right and 10 to the left before sitting down.

Other Tips To Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle

1. Respect the hours of sleep

Another critical factor that we do not tire of repeating is rest. Sleeping the minimum of 8 hours recommended is vital to maintain concentration and leave aside the constant feeling of tiredness.

2. Follow a balanced diet

Food is the other thing that you should never forget. Cereals, fruits, vegetables or proteins give your body all the nutrients it needs to stand up to the sedentary lifestyle.

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