10 Myths and Truths about Baldness

10 Myths and Truths about Baldness

Nowadays, the internet facilitates the agility with which information reaches us. In some cases, this can lead to a lot of confusion with mismatched or outdated information. Whoever looks for information on doubt and ended up getting even more confused? This is a situation occurs with people looking for more details about baldness!

And you know the result? The emergence of several myths that generate much confusion in the minds. Thus we have listed the central myths and truths that surround this world of information. Following are few listed myths and truths about Baldness:

1. Baldness hits men more than women: TRUTH

Baldness affects almost 50% of men and only 5% of women. The hair loss gets associated with the presence of male sex hormones (testosterone). Women are subject to other types of falls that may be due to daily stress or hormonal problems. Even, in more severe cases, autoimmune diseases may occur.

2. Baldness occurs most at the top of the head: TRUTH

Baldness always affects the region of the top, crown and the entrances. These are sometimes, these last two areas affected. As the upper part gets spared, it does not suffer from the action of the male hormone. Thus from there, the ‘donor’ wires gets removed for the hair implants.

3. Hair transplant leaves an artificial aspect: MYTH

Currently, the transplant uses more modern techniques that work thread by wire. Thus the final result is quite natural. It is the indicated solution in cases where other treatments were not satisfactory. The procedure performing is under local anesthesia and sedation. Also, a part of the scalp in the nape area gets removed first. The wires separation and insertion take places where scarcity occurs.

4. Baldness can cause genetic factors: TRUTH

Baldness is genetic and depends on several genes involved in the process. It may differ from parents (both father and mother) or grandparents. But it is not in 100% of cases that the children, or grandchildren, develop the problem.

5. Remedies for Baldness Treatment Causes Erectile Dysfunction: MYTH

This is a myth very feared by men. In fact what happens is that finasteride (medicine for baldness) in rare cases lead to..a temporary decrease of libido but without affecting the erection. This means that when the medication gets discontinued, the body gets rid of the drug in a few days. Thus any problem that has affected the dysfunction disappears.

6. Wear caps on regular basis can lead to baldness: MYTH

This is another good news for men. In some circumstances, caps can increase the production of seborrhoea. Thereby causing dandruff, but it is impossible to cause baldness.

7. Dandruff promotes baldness: MYTH

Any deterioration in the condition of the scalp can influence the increase of the hair loss. Dandruff is a result of fungus which means that the scalp is not in perfect condition. It will never be a sign of severe or definitive baldness.

8. Stress causes hair loss: TRUTH

Studies have proven that the toxic substances get released in times of stress. This changes the chemistry of the body and causes hair loss.

9. Anti-hair loss shampoos improve baldness: MYTH

Reversing a falling frame only with these products is impossible. In fact, they are only adjuncts to the treatment.They help to keep the scalp clean and free..of the presence of seborrhoea dermatitis or dandruff.

10. There is nothing you can do about baldness: MYTH

Baldness gets cured, and there are currently several treatments available. These also include medications and surgical procedures. It is important to note that the early you start to act, the better the results will be.

Even though it is not considered an illness, baldness takes away many men’s sleep. It may even undermine their self-esteem of oneself. If it is the case of early baldness the hair begins to fall still in youth, the problem becomes an even more significant.

So the sooner you realize the problem and seek a dermatologist..the greater the chances of stopping or controlling the unwanted fall!

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