5 Best Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

The dark skins usually have some problems when it comes to makeup, and you can not get the right base tone or do not know what to do to cover those annoying spots. But luckily, we brought makeup tips for dark skin that will help many girls.

Makeup Tips for dark skin

1. Prepare The Face For Makeup

The first step to perform any makeup is to prepare the face. To do this, you should start with hydration, which will vary depending on the type of skin you have.

For dry skin, you use a moisturizer that is more powerful. Also, you should use it in a cream-type format, so that the skin can hydrate correctly.

On the other hand, oily skins should use mild and gel-like hydration. It will make the product to absorb much better, and with the passing of the hours, the makeup will rise.

In the week you can use a gentle scrub: Wet the face with warm water, to open the pores, then apply the product giving massages and finally remove the exfoliant with cold water to close the pores and do not become infected.

2. Choose Best Makeup Base

Before it was challenging to get a makeup base for very dark skin, many times, you had to mix shades to get a moderately adequate color, but fortunately, many brands have begun to expand their range of shades, to include a wide variety.

A makeup for dark skin can do in a similar way to regular makeup. You have to have some considerations when choosing the base.

The first thing is to define what the subtone of the skin is. There may be a woman with dark skin and a cold subtone.
To know this, you should look at the veins inside the wrist. If these are green, the skin undertone will be warm. If the veins are blue, it will have a cold color.

Now, to choose the base of makeup, you also have to take into account the facial blemishes. Many women with dark skin, usually have spots on the skin. It may be due to different factors, such as exposure to the sun for a prolonged period or marks caused by acne.

It is essential that in these cases a very high coverage base is sought since only one corrector will not be enough. Sometimes it is necessary to combine different bases to find the ideal tone. Before acquiring one of these by electronic means, it is an excellent alternative to review different reviews by Internet or the comments of the product.

3. Select Correct Concealer

The concealer should choose one or two shades above the natural color of the skin. In light skins, it is sought to disguise the dark circles or to cover a spot. But in dark skins, it can help to illuminate in a very natural way the high areas of the face.

On the other hand, the concealer can become the best friend of many girls with dark skins. When having purple spots, they should look for a red or salmon corrector which will help to cancel the purple color. Then, if combined with a concealer lighter than the skin tone and the appropriate base, it will have a uniform tone and without imperfections.

4. The Colors That Best Suit For Dark Skins

Although you can choose any color when making makeup for dark skin, it is best to choose to use some tones than others.

Many times a color looks beautiful on a friend and then when used on our skin or lips, it looks very different. It is because the colors change their tone depending on the subtone you have.

Dark skins should stay away from cold pink and red shades, as they are often very saturated colors that do not match their skin.

Nor are vivid oranges recommended and tend to be red. Instead, they can approach nudes or browns, for natural make-up. If you want something more dramatic, the plum tones will be great.

As for the illuminators, it is best to choose those tones that are golden and warm. It is essential since they will combine with the corrector that previously used. On the other hand, the bronzer should be a warm brown tone, always avoiding grayish or cold coffees.

5. Select Warm Tones For Lips

Finally, the same concept will apply to the lips. Warm earth tones should predominate in make-up for dark skin. Although sometimes you can play with some nuances such as blue or green, you should always try to keep it in the warm tones so that everything looks in perfect harmony.

Dark skins should have some care when putting on makeup, but beyond paying attention to the base and the colors used, they are not very different from other skins. Therefore, with these simple tips, they will have a professional makeup, made by themselves.

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