5 Best Exercises For Toned Arms

Looking for toned arms? Follow our 5 best tips to build toned arms

Getting toned arms are a result of making constant changes to one’s diet and performing regular exercises specifically targeting all major muscle groups of the arms and the shoulders. The following are 5 exercises for toned arms for those wanting to sport the best arms with all sleeveless tops.

Best Exercises for toned arms

1. Pushups against the wall:

Pushups though are not the easiest things to do, are the best exercises to tone up the entire body. Wall pushups are little easier as it allows the user to adjust the difficulty level.

  • To perform wall push-ups, stand facing the wall with a gap of 6” between the wall.
  • Place the hands on the wall with shoulder-width apart and step back as far as possible with both the feet on the ground.
  • Inhale as you move towards the wall and keep the gluteal muscles tucked in and when you push away from the wall exhale.
  • Distance from the wall could be adjusted based on the difficulty level.
2. Floor dips:

Floor dips would allow a person to lift too high so that the workout concentrates more on the pelvic region than the arms.

  • Sit on the floor with knees bent and fingers and feet facing forward, as though performing a crab walk.
  • Tighten the abs and lift the pelvis until the body gets into a reverse tabletop mode.
  • Activate the triceps and bend the arms to lower the body.
  • After going near the floor, keep the butt off the floor and transmit weight to the arms.
  • Dips should be performed for a minute at least.
3. Arm rotations:

Half circle arm rotations are preferable as they work deep into the arm muscles as full arm rotations concentrate more on enhancing upper body strength.

  • Stand with legs hip wide apart and hold the arms parallel to the floor and palms facing forward.
  • Imagine as though holding a tennis ball in each hand and cup both of them.
  • Rotate the entire arm forward in half circles by locking the elbows so that maximum muscle engagement is achieved.
  • Rotate back and forth as fast as possible for maximum results.
4. Dumbbell weight free rows:

This exercise could be performed with a dumbbell or with the fist alone. Using one’s own fist is beneficial for making a tight fist helps activate muscles of the arm for the best workout.

  • Bend forward slightly and bend the elbows at the sides and pull arms back without bending at the elbow.
  • Create a rowing motion to put both the triceps and biceps muscles at work.
  • This exercise activates muscles of the upper back as well when repeated continuously for a minute.
  • Keep hands close to the body to enhance the effectiveness of this workout
5. X jumps:

X jumps are indeed a cardio move that helps engage the entire arm and works silently on the abdomen and legs as well.

  • Stand by spreading the foot at shoulder width and bend the arms at the sides.
  • Jump up and lift the arms over the head to form an X shape at the top of the jump, while landing bend knees slightly for a soft landing.

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