The Right Way To Do Jogging For Weight Loss

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Jogging for weight loss is very useful. However, not everyone is jogging correctly to be both healthy and help you get in shape quickly. Proper weight loss jogging methods that we synthesized can help you. Here, we’ll tell you the right way to do jogging for weight loss. Read on!

However, there are a lot of friends who run daily, jogging for weight loss regularly without seeing a significant effect on health. What is the reason? Sure you are jogging the wrong way, fix this situation right away.

Benefits Of Jogging

1. Helps In Weight Loss

Most people experience at least one or more weight problems, especially body fat. For those who work in the office and sit in front of a computer screen, it is impossible to avoid the risk of excess fat.

When running, your body will consume a large amount of energy and even excess fat. Your abdomen and hips will also work while jogging so the amount of fat in your abdomen will be consumed, helping you regain your original shape quickly.

2. Helps To Get Firm Muscles

When you run, it seems that the muscles all over the body are active, from the legs, shoulders, hips, abdomen, back. So, when running regularly, the muscles will grow very steadily, becoming more and more firm. And undeniably the effect of jogging in reducing excess fat for the body.

3. Relieve Stress

Jogging helps your body release a large amount of Endorphins. This type of hormone helps your nervous system to stay in a happy state, bringing excitement to the new day. Therefore, running helps to reduce stress very well, contributing to preventing aging of the skin, especially for women.

4. Excellent For The Cardiovascular System

When your body moves continuously during jogging, blood vessels will also work. Blood and oxygen are enhanced to cells, reducing the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

It will limit the common cardiovascular diseases such as blood vessel blockage, help the heart work much better than those who do not run.

5. Increases Resistance

When running, you will have constant exposure to the weather outdoors, whether sunny or cold. Therefore, the resistance in the body will increase significantly. If you pay attention, those who run regularly, even in any weather, are less sick.

Essential Things To Follow Jogging For Weight Loss

1. Set A Running Time For Jogging

For those who just started the jogging route should not run continuously. The first time, you only need to maintain two sessions per week.

In the first few weeks after getting used to jogging, gradually increase the time and the initial distance! Each run only takes 20-30 minutes during the first time, then gradually increases to 1 hour so that you can feel fit.

Besides, do not forget to set the time frame for yourself during the day.

2. Warming Up And Jog Properly

Do not forget to warm up before running so that the muscles of your arms and legs relax, avoid the case of insertion of muscles while running. The way to warming up is also simple, rotate the joints slightly, perform knee compression, or run a few small steps to get your body used.

3. Choose Right Shoes

You can’t run with a pair of fashionable shoes. So, invest yourself in a pair of quality running shoes, light and smooth. It helps you to protect your feet from injury and fatigue while running.

4. Wear Suitable Outfits

When running, the body will give off a lot of sweat, so you need to prepare yourself the right outfit for jogging. The suit you choose must be comfortable and especially sweat absorbent!

5. Choose Comfortable Place For Jogging

If your place has a park or a wide, airy road, few people walk and walk outside. The outside air will be perfect for the body.

If you can’t run outdoors, investing a treadmill at home is perfect. The treadmill will help you to be more active in running time than it is to run outdoors.

6. Listen To Music While Jogging

The music you love will create an entirely different feeling while running. You will feel happier in every step! Turning on some exciting music will keep your spirits up. Jogging for weight loss will gradually become your favorite habit, along with the music.

7. Follow Proper Diet While Jogging For Weight Loss

No matter what day of the day you jog, make sure to practice after eating for at least 2 hours and finish before the meal for at least 30 minutes!

While running, prepare yourself a bottle of filtered water. You can drink a glass of milk or fruit juice before starting to run to replenish your body’s energy.

If you are jogging with the desire to lose weight, you should also be careful with your daily diet. Don’t think that jogging can be useful right away, and then you still eat lots of protein, sweets, fat, eat late!

The Right Way To Do Jogging For Weight Loss

1. Keep your body in balance and your head facing forward. You also need to relax your body and not squeeze your muscles while running.

2. Let your heel touch the ground first followed by the tip of your foot. The stride steps must be short and fast, regular so that the body parts do not have any unexpected changes while running. How to run correctly will help you not get tired and avoid muscle tension.

3. While running, you need to pay attention to the movement of your hand, and the arm should regularly swing according to your steps. Notice that the elbow must also be 90 degrees perpendicular to the hip!

4. At the end of the jogging, slow down first. Do not stop abruptly, then walk and relax the joints of your legs and joints.

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