Is Activated Charcoal Good For Skin ?

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The activated charcoal mask is a kind of skin care mask that is very picky about the user. It’s not as high as advertised. It may be useful for some people but may or may not and even harm many people’s skin. However, is activated charcoal good for skin? You will find the exact answer right here.

What is Activated Charcoal Mask?

Activated charcoal has a great ability that is sticking to the toxins, so it has been using for thousands of years for acute poisoning. Note that activated charcoal is entirely different from coal used in cooking, although they all have the same origin.

People use it by direct ingestion when activated charcoal absorbs the toxin before it penetrates the blood and organs, and then it is excreted in the urine. And feces.

When activated charcoal on the skin, it also works almost like that. It adheres to oxidized impurities, dirt, and blackheads. Then suck them off the face.

The activated charcoal mask is mainly active carbon and some other materials. It is convenient and easy to use than activated carbon powder.

Once applied to the face, it removes clogged pores within the skin, removes oil and bacteria on the skin surface.

Unlike conventional facial masks, you do not wash it with water (soluble type) but have to peel it out because of activated charcoal masks often dry after applying on the face for a while.

Is Activated Charcoal Good for Skin ?

It can say that activated charcoal mask is currently the latest trend of beauty. In the past few months, many women have attracted by the posts and videos of people who have used (review products). They not only instruct how to use but also praise the excellent effect of this mask.

According to beauty experts, activated charcoal masks are the solution to all skin problems. However, scientists and dermatologists disagree with this view.

The activated charcoal mask can remove bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt, sebum on the face. However, not only that, it almost removes everything on the surface of the skin in a very “rough” way. It is like skin abrasion, so it is easy to damage the skin.

Activated charcoal is not harmful to the skin, but glues in the activated charcoal mask may be present.

Also, getting rid of sebaceous glands – excess oil on the skin is not good at all. This natural oil acts as a moisturizer for the skin and protects it from the invasion of harmful substances, such as bacteria, dirt, UV rays, fungus, etc.

Use activated charcoal masks like bleach cleansers. For people with oily skin it is okay, but for people with dry skin or sensitive skin, it is not good at all.

Another limitation of this type of facial mask is that it feels painful to peel off the face. Maybe no sisters would want this.

After masking activated charcoal, most skin becomes thinner and more sensitive even though initially the skin looks very white and smooth. Therefore, the protection and care after it will also be more work.

According to statistics, this skin care product is closer to 10% more beautiful skin, 45% skin damage. 45% nothing significant. The sad news is that you can not tell which group you are in unless you use it. Maybe this type of mask is not a great choice, at least compared to other mask types.

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