Why Should You Include Nuts in Your Diet

Why Should You Include Nuts in Your Diet

Are nuts healthy? Do they offer more than a tasty snack? They have many properties. Many of them are positive. Nuts are good for the brain. They provide essential nutritional values or draw cholesterol. But there are also disadvantages with it. For example, they have a lot of calories. Less well known are beneficial properties that can have a positive effect on the heart. They are anti-inflammatory ingredients. At first glance, they may refer to as “all-round carefree package.”

Why are nuts are healthy?

  • Nuts are healthy if you take them in moderation.
  • They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. They play a significant role in fat loss.
  • They also reduce cholesterol levels and provide healthy levels of blood lipids.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids increase the performance of the brain.
  • Many types of nuts have a high content of antioxidants. This helps in neutralizing free radicals. They also protect your cells from destruction.
  • There are also many ingredients such as folic acid and Pyhtonährstoffe. These are all good for your heart.
  • Very important is they contain B vitamins. It helps in cell renewal and energy provision.

Are nuts suitable for the healthy fitness diet?

  • Especially for strength and fitness athletes of the consumption of nuts is good.
  • Thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids you get a good blood count, and your brain is more powerful.
  • Besides nuts also contain a lot of protein.
  • Vitamin B in nuts supports fat loss and muscle building.
  • Since the nutritional value of legumes has a high-calorie content.
  • Always remember to consume nuts in small quantities – for example, “a handful” – take unto thee.
What advantages and disadvantages nuts have?

The advantages of legumes are very extensive:

  1. As already mentioned it benefits your brain and your heart.
  2. It helps in fat loss and muscle building.
  3. Also, they protect your cells from getting destroyed by free radicals. This can also cause the aging process to curb a little.

Disadvantages of having nuts are:

  1. First, some varieties must be well kept, as they can mildew otherwise. That should not be a problem for you.
  2. The second drawback is the high energy density. This is good to fatty acids, but you have to check the calorie intake. This is pure mathematics. Where do the calories come, is irrelevant? For fat loss, it would be fatal if you take too many nuts together.
  3. More important than anything else, when it comes to nuts, is the issue of compatibility. Several types of nuts – especially peanuts, hazelnuts, and walnuts cause allergic reactions. Thus consult a doctor in case of doubt, to be sure.

What you might not know about nuts

Some nuts belong to the category of strawberries nuts. There are collection Nuts, who belongs to red meat. Not the tasty red fruit pulp, but the small yellow nuts are the actual fruits of the strawberry.

Recent studies have shown that nuts are anti-inflammatory. This is due to the high amount of the amino acid arginine- in it. In particular, the inflammation of the arteries gets checked. This effect has other advantages. Regular consumption of legumes reduces the risk of age-related diabetes. Besides studies show that it helps to fight against certain cancers in women.


You can live without nuts. Yet nuts have so many positive characteristics that can make it as integral part of your diet. In particular, the tasty walnuts provide you with a high quality ultra-energy. Since legumes are high in calories, you should not also eat them too may at a time. Replace several times a week other elements of your meals with nuts, then you’re on the safe side. All this applies only when you have no allergy to nuts.

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