How To Remove False Nails At Home

Many use false nails to look beautiful hands and give a more attractive appearance. But when the natural nails begin to grow, you should remove the false nails. So we will let you know how to remove false nails from home without damaging your nails.

The false nails can be gel, acrylic, or porcelain. They must remove by a professional. But if you do not have enough time to go to a beauty salon you can do it at home with care and following some advice.

We find different ways to remove false nails without damaging your nails. For this, we must know what material they are, and each one has a different procedure.

Types Of False Nails

The first is to know what type of false nails we can find and which of them is what we have. The main difference between the types of nails is the material of which they are composed.

We found three types of nails, which have different textures and conditions such as:

1. Acrylic Nails

They are composed of a liquid called acrylic that is mixed with a powder of the same name, which forms a paste and is applied to the nails.

Then it is shaped, it has a white color, and it is decorated in the way that we like the most.

2. Porcelain Nails

This type of nail is similar to acrylics, and the difference is the material. They have a design that imitates the glass, which is decorated as you like.

If you want to keep these false nails for a long time, porcelain nails are the most durable.

3. Gel Nails

The material that composes them is gelatinous oligomers, which are glued on the nail with a special glue and then molded in the desired shape under a special UV lamp.

How to Remove False Nails At Home

You have been wearing long, beautiful nails for a while, and they have beautiful nail designs that will make you look spectacular, but sometimes they are breaking, going out or spoiling.

It is time to remove them to avoid damaging your natural nails. For this, you can go to a beauty salon, or you can do it from your home, with simple and easy advice.

We can find many tips or home treatments to remove false nails easily, quickly, and avoid damaging natural nails and prevent them from weakening.

Many of these home remedies will help to remove all types of false nails, so if you have acrylic nails, gel, or porcelain will serve the same way.

1. How to Remove Fake Nails With Acetone

Acrylic nails are the most used when performing the manicure. So if you need to remove them, this is one of the best treatments at home.

You Need:

  • Acetone or another enamel remover
  • Cotton
  • Nail clipper
  • Vaseline
  • Lime
  • Aluminum paper

How To Remove:

  • The first thing is to cut the nails, and it should be up to the natural nail, then file over the false nails, this will help to remove it easier.
  • Apply a little Vaseline on the skin covering the nails.
  • Now moisten several cotton balls in acetone and place them in each nail.
  • Cover your nails immediately with aluminum foil, try to keep the cotton in place.
  • You must wait 30 minutes for the acetone to remove the glue from the nails.
  • Once time passes, remove each cotton and paper. Then begin to remove the false nails immediately, should leave easily.
  • If these nails do not come out, you should repeat the procedure or, with the help of a file, carefully remove them.
  • Remove glue residue with a polishing file, gently so as not to damage your nails.
  • Once ready, apply some essential oil in them, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or whatever else you prefer to hydrate and nourish the nails.
2. How to Remove Acrylic Nails With Water and Acetone

Another method is to use warm water with acetone to remove false nails quickly and easily.

You Need:

  • Acetone
  • Vaseline
  • Tweezers
  • Orange manicure stick
  • Warm water

How To Remove:

  • The first thing is to cut the nails, and this will always help to detach with more ease, with an orange manicure stick push towards the edge of the nail.
  • You have to file the outer layer of the nail, to remove its shine.
  • Now in a bowl add warm water and then acetone or remove the enamel.
  • Before dipping your nails apply Vaseline around the nail so that the skin is not damaged with acetone.
  • You are ready to submerge your nails for 30 minutes or more in the water, and the idea is that to remove the glue.
  • Remove your nails from the water and check if they are softer and with the help of pincers or orange stick to remove carefully.
  • If the nails are still tough or do not detach, place a long time in the water to facilitate their removal.
  • Once ready polish your nails with a polishing file and add a few drops of essential oil which you prefer to moisturize your nails.
3. How to Remove False Nails With Olive Oil

Olive oil is another method that will help to weaken the glue to easily remove false nails without damaging your natural nails, in addition to providing nutrients and moisturizing the nails.

You Need:

  • Olive oil
  • Cotton
  • Acetone

How To Remove:

  • In a container add oil, it should be comfortable so you can dip your nails.
  • Now submerge for about 10 minutes or a little more.
  • Check if your nails are weak, move carefully, and remove them.
  • If you have left remains, you can remove them with cotton and acetone.
  • Finally, apply a few drops of olive oil on your nails to help moisturize and not lose their strength.
4. How to Remove Acrylic Nails or Gel with Lime

It is another method to remove false nails, although it only serves for acrylic or gel nails, these steps should treat with care and gentleness.

You Need:

  • Nail clipper
  • Polishing File
  • Particles for cuticles

How To Remove:

  • One of the most important things is always to cut your false nails. This makes the process easier.
  • With the polishing file, you must go carefully through the false nail, and you must remove what you can without damaging the natural nail.
  • Once you remove entirely, you must remove the rest of the residues with the stick.
  • Finally, apply moisturizing cream on your nails, so they do not break or weaken.
5. How to Remove False Nails With Dental Floss

Flossing is also another method to remove false nails, of course, you must be careful, and you will need help from someone.

You Need:

  • Cut cuticles
  • Floss
  • Orange manicure stick
  • Polishing File

How To Remove:

  • Start by carefully and gently lifting the false nail with the help of a short cuticle.
  • Now ask for help from a person to floss under it.
  • From the lower edge of the nail, you should start to climb gently to slide the thread under the false nail. This will cause the glue to weaken and the nail to come loose.
  • It should do very slowly so as not to damage the nail, once all remove polish with a file.

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