How to Reduce The Cholesterol Level Naturally

How to Reduce The Cholesterol Level Naturally

Diet and nutrition are critical elements in the prevention and treatment of high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol generates many heart diseases and blood pressure. It is essential that you recognize foods that help you to reduce your cholesterol level.

How to Reduce The Cholesterol Level Naturally

Add a clove of raw garlic to your diet. It is better if you eat it on an empty stomach. Allicin in garlic helps to reduce cholesterol and prevents many cardiovascular diseases. Garlic is an effective medication if you suffer from hypertension and cholesterol.

Infusion of Onion and Honey

Grate a little onion and squeeze until you get a teaspoon of juice. Add a teaspoon of honey and take it twice after each meal. The raw onion is also an excellent treatment. Add it to your diet in salads.

Juices and Fruits

Mix fresh carrot juice and spinach juice. Take daily with breakfast to reduce cholesterol. As for fruits, bananas will do wonders. Eat two almonds a day. Reduce saturated fats in your diet, and these are often found in bakery products, snacks, margarine and other processed foods. Consult your doctor to take linseed oil capsules.

Dairy Products

It is essential that you include them in your diet. Choose low-fat dairy products. Reduce consumption of red meat and eggs, eat small portions and buy cuts of lean meat, or cut fat before cooking.


The most obvious is exercise. Do exercises five days a week. Walk or jog for 30 minutes every day. In addition to a healthy diet, it is essential to do the regular physical activity. Stop smoking and lose weight if you are overweight.

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