How To Reduce Back Pain For Office People

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Sedentary work in the workplace makes many people often face back pain. The following is how To reduce back pain for office people to reduce this discomfort.

How To Reduce Back Pain For Office People

1. Massage

Massage is also one of the useful natural pain relief methods. Body massage movements will help better blood circulation and increase the release of endorphins to relieve pain.

2. Deep Breath

Deep breathing is another effective way to relieve pain. To control pain by breathing, take a deep breath when counting from 1 – 4 and exhale slowly and also in the count range from 1 to 4. Repeat this ten times.

3. Good Sleep

Sometimes your body only needs a deep, good night’s sleep to regain energy and recover. When you get enough sleep, your body will regenerate energy and promote the ability to control pain and heal wounds. So people with frequent pain should pay attention to their sleep.

4. Get More Vitamin D

Studies have shown that people who absorb enough vitamin D every day (including the amount of vitamin from the sun) are less likely to suffer pain. And many studies show that people with unexplained pain suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

5. Exercise Regularly

Hormone endorphin, a natural muscle pain reliever, is produced when we exercise. This hormone has the same effect as analgesics. Restrained pain reflexes do not run to the brain. Stress, anxiety, and depression are also alleviated. In addition to exercise, you should work your hands and feet, walking more. Blood circulation to the brain also stimulates the release of endorphins in the body.

6. Relaxing The Spine
  • Sit down to the floor with two legs straight in front and 2 feet 5-10 cm apart.
  • Roll blanket or a towel and slide it under your knees.
  • Place a pillow on the leg, bend the spine, and bend the upper body forward until the head touches the pillow.
  • Relax in this position for 5 minutes.
7. Stretch The Muscles
  • Sit down on the floor in a bent position and straighten your feet.
  • Keep balance with your butt, lift both legs and cross your left leg over your right leg.
  • Get left foot with the right hand and right leg with the left hand.
  • Put both feet towards the body as close as possible.
  • Keep for 1-2 minutes, then return to the original position and repeat on the other side.
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