How To Protect Hair At Beach

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If traveling is a paradise for the body to relax, then for a hair is a hell. Vacation is a time to relax and rest, so most people want to sunbathe on the beach or swim in the pool or the sea. However, while the body feels rejuvenated outdoors, the hair suffers from harsh seawater. Hot and chlorine temperatures that it doesn’t want to make hair dry and weak. So how to protect hair at beach? Here are the solutions. Read On!

Sunbathing and swimming are great for relaxing your mind, body, and soul, but wait! Did you forget something? That’s a problem that hair doesn’t want!

How To Protect Hair At Beach

1. Wear Hats/Caps

Wearing a hat outdoors is an excellent idea to protect hair from heat, while hats will help you avoid the heat during the day.

2. Apply Conditioner To Hair

Applying conditioner to the hair before going to the beach or pool will help to prevent split ends and protect hair from chlorine hair and sea salt.

3. Keep Hair Moisturized

Whether you are sitting in the pool or bathing, you need to wear a hat and apply balm to your hair, and it is best to braid your hair or bun to keep your hair more moisturized.

4. Apply Sunscreen To The Scalp

The scalp is a forgotten area when applying sunscreen, but it is essential to apply a thin layer of sunscreen because the scalp is sensitive and can cause irritation. Hair is severely damaged during travel and needs to save immediately!

5. Hair Masks

Hair masks are the secret to effective hair care overnight or at least for half an hour because the hair mask that replenishes the moisture in which hair loss when the hair exposed to sunlight, sea salt, and chlorine. You should apply a hair mask immediately after shampooing and for as long as you want, sometimes only for about 10 minutes can help hair to recover quickly.

6. Spray Sunscreen

There are lots of spray sunscreen and serums on the market that contain SPF. You can try hair spraying as a daily routine to take care of your hair every time you step out in the sun to avoid damage to your hair.

7. Drain Hair After Swimming

You should rinse your hair thoroughly after each soaking in the pool or sea to wash away the chlorine residues and sea salt left over your head.

8. Stay Away From Lemonade

Lemon juice is often used to lighten curls, but the acid in lemon juice can cause dry hair, so do not use lemon while traveling.

9. Comb Your Hair

The advice for you is to limit your combing too much because the comb has a wide brush head and use a lot of hair conditioner to keep it smooth, minimizing combing because of tangled hair.

10. Haircut

The neatly trimmed hair when taking a break is best because the split ends are cut off. The hair is now strong enough to withstand the harmful external effects.

If you love your hair, don’t be too happy at the beach and forget your hair. Get away with these pretty simple tips to save your hair at the beach, surely your hair will thank you very much.

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