How to Keep the Skin Younger

How to Keep the Skin Younger

There are many ways to have younger skin. Many aspects of our lifestyle affect the quality and health of the skin. Follow the techniques below to keep the skin healthy and more youthful.

How to Keep the Skin Younger
1. Do exercises to have younger skin

Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural agents and improve the quality of the skin.

2. Get enough sleep

The skin will repair during sleep.

3. Avoid drinks

Avoid drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, alcohol and stop smoking.

4. Stay away from the sun tanning

It is the primary cause of aging and wrinkles.

5. Eat healthy foods

Vitamins E and B complex are beneficial for the skin, and vitamin C helps the production of collagen. The biotin is also useful for skin and hair. Use a supplement of fish oil and omega oil and eat a healthy diet.

6. Hydrate your skin

Hydrate your skin by drinking enough water during the day.

7. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits, vegetables, yogurt, salmon, nuts, proteins help to keep skin supple. Drink fruit juice especially pomegranate that contains anti-aging components.

8. Clean your skin

Wash the skin with unscented soap. Use a daily moisturizer and a facial and body scrub twice a week. Use a face mask once a week and a body mask once a month. Remove all makeup before going to bed.

9. Do not take long showers with hot water

Long showers with hot water remove the necessary oils from the skin. Take cold and short showers to promote healthy skin. Apply the moisturizer when the skin is still to maintain moisture.

10. Stay away from stress as much as possible

Meditate or practice yoga. Have a good attitude. Being optimistic and cheerful will make you look younger.

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