How To Get Rid Of Nail Ridges Naturally

Ridges in nails can hide some health problem, but also aesthetic, no doubt. Therefore, we must know the causes of ridges in nails and how to get rid of nail ridges.

The hands should always take care of because they are one of the best letters of presentation that we have. Nail ridges may appear as vertical or transverse lines on the nails. Both need prevention and a series of remedies to end them. Discover them!

Causes Of Nail Ridges

The truth is that the causes of nail ridges can be very varied. Although it is said that one of the most common is the deficit of vitamins. Especially when the consumption of vitamin B is low, then we can see it in our hands.

But not only that but also dehydration will lead to these stretch marks.

Another common cause is the aging of the nail, as well as the use of some enamels that are quite harmful or their excessive use.

Biting the nails is one of the so-called vices that can make our nails become weaker and look unhealthy.

Systemic diseases, which can affect the whole body, are also another of the causes to end this problem in the nails.

Types Of Nail Ridges

Vertical or Longitudinal Ridges

They cross the entire nail, from the tip to the cuticle part. Its depth can vary, so when it comes to not very pronounced grooves, there is nothing to worry. Of course, they can change when there is some disease.

Cross Ridges

In this case, they may appear due to illness. The nail growth will not be adequate, and hence these streaks come out.

How To Get Rid Of Nail Ridges Naturally

1. Olive Oil

Without a doubt, olive oil is always present for the vast majority of beauty remedies.

  • Pour the oil into a bowl and dip the nails.
  • These have to be well covered by the liquid.
  • Wait about 10 minutes and then lightly massage all the fingers.
  • Then wash your hands and apply a moisturizer.
2. Coconut Oil

Another of the oils that we can not forget at home. The coconut oil has good properties also for our nails.

  • Apply a couple of drops of coconut oil on each nail.
  • Perform a gentle massage so that the liquid reaches all the corners of the nails.
3. Cucumber

It has numerous properties since the cucumber will make the nail harden and can always be healthy.

  • Liquefy a small cucumber with 30 ml of water.
  • Once we have it ready, apply a thin layer on each nail.
  • Leave for 15 minutes and then wash your hands.
4. Garlic And Lemon
  • Heat a glass of water and boil with a clove of garlic.
  • Then let it sit and cool down.
  • Add the juice of a lemon and mix.
  • Apply on each nail with the help of a cotton swab.
  • Let it wait for a while and wash your hands.

Remember that we must take a good diet, as it is the basis for our body and in this case, the nails, can be stronger than ever and without problems. So, fruits and green leafy vegetables, vitamin B, A and C, calcium, zinc or phosphorus, must always be present.

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