How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat

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The fat accumulated in the lower back is one of the problematic areas to eliminate. We will tell you how to get rid of lower back fat.

The warmth and the beach days are coming, ideal for wearing a beautiful bikini, but how to get rid of lower back fat? There are changes in our routines that when done, we can eliminate these problems. Keep reading.

Although, we know that the fat accumulated in the lower back, is the problematic physical problems to eliminate, precisely because of the area in which is located. However, nothing is impossible, and we will tell you how to do it, but you have to follow these tips to the letter.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat

1. Do Not Skip Breakfast

It is not that something terrible happens when you do not eat breakfast. But skipping this meal causes you to starve yourself during the morning and eat what you should not eat to satisfy it. Better get organized and includes breakfast in your diet high in protein and low in fat.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Even if you do not believe it when you do not sleep enough, you usually get more hungry during the day. There is a close relationship between the lack of rest and hunger.

When we do not sleep enough, our body produces hormones that stimulate the appetite and decrease the hormones that make us feel full, which becomes a big problem when it comes to wanting to lose weight. So, start by organizing your day so you can go to bed early and rest at least 8 hours a day.

3. Avoid Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the enemy of a healthy and stylized body. When we consume more calories than our body needs, excess calories will store as fat. Although there are exceptions if we must include in our diet in small proportions, such as fruits. The ideal is to consume healthy proteins and fats such as olive oil, nuts, and other seeds.

4. Avoid Alcohol

One of the biggest problems to lose weight and eliminate accumulated fat is alcohol. And, this drink does not provide any nutritional value, is full of empty calories, and is loaded with sugars that go straight to the stomach and become the well-known “tummy” on the hip, thighs, and back.

Therefore, we recommend avoiding these drinks, especially those that come loaded with colors and fruits, which contain even more sugar.

5. Exercise

Undoubtedly, exercise is what will help you burn that unwanted fat that forms on your lower back. Of course, it is essential that you combine it with what we explained earlier.

So that you achieve your goals and you see a fabulous body, and without small legs in the lower back. We will show you the ideal exercises to burn the fat of that area.

According to a study, in addition to the exercises to eliminate fat in the lower back, it is also essential that you practice cardiovascular exercise, since, using this, you will burn the accumulated fat.

Exercise #1: Burpees

  • Stand with your legs straight, then lower as if you were doing a squat, stretch your legs and go back up.

Exercise #2: Superman

  • Stand on your stomach with arms and feet stretched out as if you were in a position to fly.
  • Lift your legs and arms off the ground and only leave the torso.
  • You will notice how you feel the tension in the muscles of the lower back.
  • You must hold that position for 30 seconds. If you manage to do it for a minute, it’s much better.

Exercise #4: Lateral Crunches

  • Stand on your back with your legs slightly bend and carry your torso from side to side, lifting it off the ground.
  • Keep this routine for a week, and you will see results.
  • Continue doing it for the necessary time, and once you have achieved your goal, continue doing another physical activity, such as cardio.

Exercise #5:

  • Lie on your abdomen and stretch your arms to the front.
  • Without lifting your feet, raise your back by arching it up.
  • Then return to the starting position.
  • Repeat ten times.
  • If you find it very difficult, you can start by stretching one hand and the opposite leg without moving the torso of the ground.

Exercise #6:

  • In the same position, raise the torso as in the previous exercise, but this time you will also raise your legs and contract your arms.
  • If you find it difficult, leave your legs on the floor.
  • Repeat 2 sets of 10 repetitions, you can rest between each series.

Exercise #7:

  • In the same position, put your hands on the nape or the sides, and you will raise the torso.
  • Stay two seconds and return to the ground.
  • On this occasion, make two sets of 15 repetitions each.
  • Make sure there are no breaks.

Exercise #8:

  • Prostrate on your elbows and elevate your body straight.
  • Turn your hips from left to right.
  • Do two sets of 10 repetitions each. Also, do not rest between sets.

Exercise #9:

  • Stand on four points, resting knees and hands on the ground.
  • Arches the back as cats do and then remove from the curve to lower the abdomen to the ground.
  • Repeat in 2 sets of 12 repetitions, of equal you can increase the amount to 15 or 20, according to the frequency with which you practice them.

Exercise #10:

  • Sit and with your knees bend, make small turns of the waist, from left to right.
  • Make at least ten turns, and you will eliminate not only the fat from the lower back but also the hips.

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