How To Get Rid Of Back Fat

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When summer comes, we want to put on the swimsuit. Then, we realize that we need to lose the kilos we have gained the rest of the year. Often, excess weight takes the form of folds. We will talk here about how to get rid of back fat.

We tend to accumulate fat also in the back. The back is not a part of our body that we see frequently. We do not even notice the presence of the folds to which their accumulation gives rise.

One fine day, when we pass inside a changing room in a store or an elevator with mirrors, we panic. It is not for less. Impact see the little rolls that, at the level of the armpits, appear on each side of the back. In the case of women, they are more accentuated by the pressure exerted by the bra in that area.

Do not worry. There are ways to solve it.

How To Get Rid Of Back Fat

1. Diet Tips To Get Rid Of Back Fat

You must follow a plan of feeding that avoids the consumption of foods that contain saturated fats. For this, you should eliminate red meats, sausages, dairy products, and processed foods from your daily diet.

Remember that white sugar is present not only in soft drinks, which you should eliminate. It is also found in other foods. It is beneficial to keep track of the amount of sugar you consume daily. All these foods, as a whole, are the cause of fat accumulate in your body.

If you only do exercises, you will not achieve the goal of eliminating the fat in the back. You must also have a proper diet. It is essential to insist on the idea that a balanced diet is essential for good health.

You could also incorporate natural foods into your diet that help you eliminate fat. Here are some examples:

  • Green Tea
  • Grapefruit
  • Carrot juice with celery
  • Tomato smoothie with aloe vera and lemon juice
  • Fasting

You can also take any of these fat purification drinks:

  • Birdseed milk
  • Blueberry juice
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Horehound tea with lemon juice
2. Give Yourself Massage To Get Rid Of Back Fat

A massage session at an institute or beauty center will help you to reduce fat. And, by the way, you will relax. Lymphatic drainage is another way of taking care of our health and beauty. It helps to eliminate liquids accumulated in the body.

3. Clay Mask To Get Rid Of Back Fat

Clay is an excellent fat eliminator. Once a week, place the clay on your back and rub in circular motions.

4. Watch Your Posture

Stay right, and you will notice yourself slimmer and more attractive.

Having a hunched back causes the sagging skin of the back to increase when we fully stand up. It, without a doubt, gives rise to the folds that we have been talking about.

5. Practice Swimming To Get Rid Of Back Fat

Swimming is a complete sport that will help you to strengthen your back muscles. This way, you will avoid the accumulation of fat in your body, and it will also improve your aerobic capacity.

6. Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat

Doing exercises to reduce back fat will not take you more than 15 minutes a day. If you have never do exercise, start doing half the repetitions.

Exercise 1: Strengthen Lumbar
  • Lie face down on the mat.
  • Stretch your arms forward and try to touch your ears with your shoulders.
  • Leaving your legs stretched and firm on the ground, try to arch your back without your hands touching the floor.
  • Go back to the starting position.
  • You just did the first repetition!
  • Complete at least 1 set of 10 repetitions at the beginning.
  • Do, then, another two courses, of 10 repetitions each.
Exercise 2: Remove Fat From The Back
  • Starting from the same position (this exercise could follow the previous one).
  • Place the palms on the nape of the neck.
  • Lift the torso as before.
  • Go back to the starting position.
  • Make two sets of 15 repetitions each.
Exercise 3: Reduce Fat In The Lumbar
  • Put your hands behind your head too.
  • Instead of arching your back, do it to the sides.
  • First, to the left and then to the right, or vice versa.
  • You can do two sets of 10 repetitions for each side.
Exercise 4: Lose Love handles On The Back
  • Support both the palms of the hands and the knees on the mat (in quadruped position) and relaxes the back.
  • Arc it up as cats do.
  • And then, down, trying to touch the floor with the belly.
  • Very carefully, go up and down ten times.

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