How To Deal With Anxiety ?

Anxiety is a disorder that controls emotions and causes an imbalance in the body, and several factors can trigger it; Biology and Genetics, Social Context and Learning, Personality, and Lifestyle.

Anxiety closely linked to depression. These two disorders share similar reactions. The symptoms common to both disorders demonstrate this close link to undue fatigue, sweating, tachycardia, nausea, among others. These symptoms are the primary indicators of an anxiety episode.

How to deal with anxiety ?

There are many activities recommended to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Nevertheless, the premium quality in front of the quantity.

These alternatives may be insufficient if the patient is uncomfortable with the activity in question. That’s why the best recommendation is to get to know each other. Not only when an episode of anxiety occurs, but throughout life: it is necessary to agree a moment to understand what motivates us regularly.

Practice a physical activity

Sport is an excellent trick to counter the symptoms of anxiety. In fact, the hormone levels increase when practicing physical activity: the production of endorphins increases, hormones responsible for bringing well-being and joy to the body.

Express your emotions

The first recommendation is, therefore: to express your emotions as much as possible. The best way to practice this trick is to start with your family circle, your closest circle of friends. Then in a second time, it must complicate the goal by trying to express his feelings to friends and acquaintances.

Writing is a great alternative. A simple notebook and a pen are enough to put this trick into practice. It will only remain to write any thoughts, as much thoughts about himself as about people around him.

To laugh

Humor is one step up the ladder of happiness: a smile brings many benefits, especially when it is spontaneous and sincere. Irradiating others by transmitting one’s good mood promotes the treatment of this disorder: life becomes more straightforward, both socially and physiologically.

Looking for happiness in the most straightforward details helps to reduce stress, and as a result, helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

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