How To Cure Hemorrhoids At Home – 5 Best Ways

The number of people suffering from hemorrhoids is increasing, mainly due to poor eating habits and prolonged sitting for hours. Here we suggest that how to cure hemorrhoids at home and reverse this inconvenient disease.

Among diseases related to the anal area, hemorrhoids are relatively common and cause many people to be afraid. Hemorrhoids are caused by constipation or long-term diarrhea, pregnancy, pelvic tumors, causing the ligaments hanging mucus, or rectal veins are over-stretched.

Hemorrhoids cause many uncomfortable and inconvenient for patients such as bloody stools, burning pain, itching and anal infections, bowel obstruction occurs anal (hemorrhoids).

Many people think hemorrhoids are a disease in the sensitive area, so often shy, hesitant not want to see. Until the disease becomes severe, it is painful to seek the help of a health professional. Therefore, read here how to cure hemorrhoids at home safely, economically and effectively.

5 Ways To Cure Hemorrhoids At Home Effectively

1. Home remedies to cure hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can improve and even reverse the symptoms with home remedies with natural ingredients that are easy to find and safe. Here is some useful information.


One of the best ideas to treat hemorrhoids at home is to eat lettuce every day. This food is soldered, cleans and detoxifies the body while fighting inflammation and infection. The quercetin ingredient in the hippopotamus will make the veins and capillaries more durable.

Option 1: Wash and soak the lettuce leaves in the salt water for 5 minutes and drain and eat. Perform every day to reverse the disease.

Option 2: If you find it difficult to eat raw, you can grate the hawthorn fish to change the taste.

Option 3: Cook the lettuce to steam and soak the anus. Vegetable residue can apply to this area to minimize symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Green Papaya

According to Oriental medicine, papaya has the laxative effect. You need to pay attention to papaya must be fresh, more plastic.

Split the papaya fruit fresh. Squeeze two halves on both sides of the leg with the stalk pointing upwards and for the night. Perform regularly until the bumps go away.

2. Adjust bowel habits

Bad habits also affect the condition. When going to the toilet and experiencing constipation, do not use too much energy to avoid anal damage and aggravate the condition. Instead, you should build a habit of defecation every day at a specific time frame. It will also help to relieve the disease later.

3. Fiber Supplement

Just build a healthy, high-fiber diet, you will not need to worry about hemorrhoids as well as other disease risks. Add lentils and vegetables such as spinach, jute, sweet potato, dragon fruit, papaya. In parallel, you also need to avoid spicy hot dishes.

4. Drink lots of water

In addition to strengthening the fiber, how to treat hemorrhoids at home to promote efficiency cannot ignore the principle of drinking plenty of water. Drinking about 2 liters of water a day (depending on the state) will help to soften the waste, help to defecate easier, avoid injury to the anus.

5. Get regular exercise

Sitting continuously for long periods of time will put pressure on the lower body, not only causing the condition worse but also leading to other illness risks. So, exercise regularly, practice light exercises such as slow running, fast walking, yoga.

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