How To Burn Abdominal Fat

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The media bombard us with advertisements and information to create the need to have sculptural bodies, stop the age of our skin, or try to achieve the perfection of our physique. All this is something just physical, an essential thing today. But burning your abdominal fat is not a simple physical issue. It is something that can affect our health. For these reasons, it is good that we learn to lead a lifestyle that helps us to eliminate those annoying floats that so little favor. Next, we will explain how to burn abdominal fat to follow to get a belly of envy when burning your abdominal fat.

Types Of Abdominal Fat

It is essential to know the different types to understand how it is best to burn your abdominal fat. Although all extra fat that we have in the body is useful to eliminate it, burning your abdominal fat is more important by far. Abdominal fat can be subcutaneous, less dangerous or visceral, and this is the most harmful of all.

1. Subcutaneous Abdominal Fat

This type of fat is not dangerous in principle, provided it is not in excess. In that case, it can give us back problems, knees, etc. But in the first instance, it is good to burn your abdominal fat whenever it does not seem aesthetic. We all like to have a flat stomach, whether we are men or women. We prefer to have a sculptural body or healthy that little roll of fat that comes out in the petite never pleases.

2. Visceral Abdominal Fat

Visceral fat is produced by the high intake of food, mainly carbohydrates, and fats. Processed foods are the main culprits of this problem. But food is not the only cause. Several factors can lead us to have this mismatch.

Burning your visceral abdominal fat is the most difficult of our entire body and at the same time, the most dangerous to our health. The abdominal fat stays stuck to the organs, and this makes them stop working correctly. Burning abdominal fat, unlike the one located in any other part of the body, helps the decrease of bad cholesterol.

In the long run, the primary diseases that this type of abdominal fat can generate are diabetes, immune disorders, and can even lead to heart attacks. That is why it is so essential to burn your abdominal fat as soon as possible, and it is not an aesthetic issue. We have to take care of our health.

How To Burn Abdominal Fat

Causes That Makes You Hard To Burn Abdominal Fat

As we mentioned earlier, several reasons can produce it. Next, we explain possible causes so that we can identify which one or which are the problems that generate us each the annoying abdominal fat.

1. Genetics

Although it is not the first cause that comes to mind, it is an essential factor to take into account. It is common for the same members of a family to retain fat in the same area of ​​the body. Just as from your family you have inherited the hair color, your height, or some possible disease you also inherit this predisposition to accumulate fat. And in the same way the ease or not of burning your abdominal fat.

If you study the habits that you have, you do them correctly, and you still can not burn your abdominal fat is very likely due to a genetic issue. This reason should not take away your effort to burn your abdominal fat. What you do in this case is to perform the solutions more comprehensively. Our goal deserves all our efforts.

2. Inadequate Diet

Having an inadequate diet is one of the main problems that prevent you from burning your abdominal fat. Especially visceral abdominal fat. Nowadays the foods that we can find in supermarkets are very unhealthy for the most part. Except for fresh products and some prepared food. But it is challenging to escape from the list of not advised for daily consumption.

It is due to the consumer’s demand for quick-to-prepare foods, rich in flavor and economical. All this is achieved by adding many salts, sugars, harmful fats, and artificial additives like preservatives or flavor enhancers. Therefore, the most advisable is the consumption of untreated products with few ingredients in case you do not know how to read the labels. And essential the consumption of fresh products like fruits and vegetables that are very tasty and healthy.

Products that contribute to having a poor diet that can make it harder to burn your abdominal fat are:

  • Sugar
  • Refined flour
  • Processed foods
  • Bad fats: palm, animal, etc
  • Fritters
  • Canned food
  • Soft drinks
3. Stress

Stress is in our day to day. We have a very active life, full of hectic activity related to work, children, home, social life. And there are times when the stress that causes us all this can turn us against us.

When we feel stressed, our body stimulates the production of cortisol. It is a lipogenic hormone that converts our fat consumed into adipocytes and adipocytes are incredibly complicated to eliminate. And is that with your body full of active cortisol, how are you going to be able to burn your body fat!

4. Sleep

It is essential to have a good rest to have our physical and mental abilities to the maximum. The moment we begin to have a dream of poor quality or shorter than the body needs, it starts to get out of adjustment. According to various studies, the part of the population that sleeps only six hours a day have almost a third more chance of suffering from obesity than those who sleep around eight and a half hours.

When we have a low quality sleep, the hormone leptin is reduced and therefore, the level of the hormone ghrelin increases. The latter is responsible for generating our appetite and keeping us awake. For this reason, when sleeping a little, we tend to eat more and feel the need to eat things with higher caloric intake than under normal circumstances. Therefore if you do not sleep well, you will not be able to succeed in burning your abdominal fat.

5. Hormone Problems

It is difficult to determine if we suffer from hormonal disorders that determine the accumulation of abdominal fat or any other problem. The best way to ensure that your hormone levels are correct is to go to a trusted doctor who will perform the relevant tests. If your problem is a hormonal type, the doctor will give you the necessary instructions to burn your abdominal fat correctly.

6. Alcohol

Although the consumption of alcohol is not a determining reason to stop burning your abdominal fat, it is something to consider. As long as the rest of the mentioned aspects are carried out correctly, it should not significantly affect the consumption of this type of drinks.

However, it does trigger the percentage of abdominal fat that we accumulate if, in addition to exceeding in drinking alcohol. We do not have an adequate diet, we do not sleep enough, we have high levels of stress, or we fulfill any of the aspects to take into account.

What is important to mention about this is that alcoholic beverages contain high levels of sugar. It can significantly increase the number of calories consumed throughout the day. This excess of calories can accumulate in the form of abdominal fat. That is what we are trying to avoid for the sake of our health and to help burn your abdominal fat.

7. Medicines

Despite dedicating a section to medications, these are not usually a reason for the accumulation of fat. But there are some in particular that as a side effect can make it very complicated to burn your abdominal fat and may even favor the increase of this.

Some of the medications that can have these side effects are birth control pills, steroids, those that treat migraines, seizures, mental disorders, among others. Anyway, each person is affected by a different way. Taking a specific medication is not a rule to make it difficult for you to burn your abdominal fat or not.

8. Sedentary Lifestyle

It is the main reason for not being able to burn your abdominal fat surely. Today we lead a very stressed but at the same time very sedentary life. The lack of physical activity can slows down your metabolism, and your caloric expenditure is much less than consumed.

In addition to the remarkable difference in calories that will help burn your abdominal fat is that exercising your body favors a quality sleep, helps to stabilize your hormones, and frees your body of stress.

Tips To Burn Abdominal Fat

You have to incorporate some essential but straightforward notions to your day to day:

1. Eat Healthily

Avoid harmful foods such as processed foods, sugars, or bad fats. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, legumes and to a lesser extent but meat and fish with a low level of bad fat.

2. Stay Hydrated

It is essential, and you can do it through water, soups, infusions, or fruit.

3. Physical Activity

There is always time to do even the smallest thing. If you can not join a gym or you can not go out and do a routine every day, it incorporates habits such as not using the elevator, avoiding vehicles as long as it is not an excessive distance or finding some exercise to do at home.

4. Sleep Well

Do planning and organize to sleep for at least 8 hours. If necessary, take a lime during dinner to rest better. Also, avoid a big dinner and just before going to bed.

5. Avoid Stress

It’s probably the hardest part to get. Maybe with some meditation, crochet or with the exercise during the day you get it.

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