Homemade Face Scrub With Honey

Homemade face scrub with honey helps to clean the skin of impurities with a natural exfoliant based on honey, roses and lavender oil. It is a nutritious, soothing, refreshing and purifying combination.

The honey is one of the best natural skin treatments. Softens, calms and protects the skin from dehydration, and also acts as a lubricant.

The rose oil has refreshing properties and lavender oil, which cools and purifies.

Homemade Face Scrub With Honey

This homemade face scrub with honey improves the skin tone and gives us a feeling of relaxed well – being.

How To Prepare Homemade Face Scrub With Honey


  • Two teaspoons of honey
  • 25 g of dried rose petals
  • Two tablespoons dried lavender flowers
  • One drop of lavender essential oil
  • One drop of essential oil of rose


  • Make an infusion using half of the rose petals and a cup of water.
  • Cover them and let infuse to rest.
  • Use a mortar to demolish the challenge of rose petals and lavender flowers until you get a powder.
  • Combine powdered herbs with essential oils and honey and add the necessary infusion of roses so that the mixture acquires the texture of a soft paste.
  • Apply it on the face by performing gentle circular movements to cleanse the skin.

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