5 Best Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain

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The shoulder is a part of less attention to people, but similar to hands and feet, it is also easy to fall into chronic pain, even leading to many health risks. This pain can be caused by the stiffness of the shoulder joint, arthritis, pinched nerves, shoulder cartilage injury, or overwork. These conditions limit your ability to move and seriously affect your daily life. In some cases, severe shoulder pain requires surgical intervention, medication. But with some home remedies for shoulder pain, you can relieve shoulder pain effectively.

Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain

1. Cold Compress

Cold compressions are the best way to control shoulder pain, as it causes paralyzed tissue damage for a specific time to help to reduce shoulder pain effectively.

You can apply an ice pack to your painful shoulder for about 20 minutes. Doing this at least five times a day will reduce shoulder pain effectively.

2. Epsom Salt

Epsom salts can relieve pain and accelerate the healing process. It decomposes into magnesium and sulfate when mixed with water.

After you mix it with the bath water, soak in it for about 30 minutes. Salt will enter your body through small holes in the skin. As a result, the salt will soothe stiff joints and muscles, reducing shoulder pain.

3. Turmeric

Due to the presence of an active substance called curcumin, turmeric can help you to fight inflammation, pain, and swelling of the shoulder effectively.

You can mix turmeric powder with coconut oil and apply it to the sore shoulder for about 30 minutes then clean the shoulder afterward.

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil can help you to relieve shoulder pain because it has an excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

To use, add a few drops of this herb oil to the bath and soak for 30 minutes. In addition to helping you to reduce shoulder pain, lavender oil can also help to relax your mind, relieve neck and back pain.

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger is an aromatic spice with many health benefits, including pain relief. Like turmeric, ginger also has anti-inflammatory effects. It works by stimulating blood flow to more vulnerable areas.

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