4 Amazing Holiday Weight Loss Tips


Each year at this time the same thing happens and is that each person fattens on average between two and four kilos between the days that go from Christmas Eve to the Kings.

If you have been dieting all year, chances are that during these dates, everything that achieved is spoil and it seems that there is nothing that can be avoided. However, it is possible to do things in a different way and this does not imply that it is necessary to put under hypocaloric regime during the Christmas season, but it is true that by complying with a series of more or less simple rules, one can get what seems impossible and is to overcome these two weeks ranging from December 24 to January 6, weighing gram up gram below. Learn how to do it.

1. Hydrating the dishes

You should try to eat only foods that are rich in water like vegetables and fruits, to help you in a double mission, to feel satiated or full and to hydrate. Foods that are rich in water are also often rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals like potassium, which help to control the inflammation produced by foods that are rich in sodium and abound during these dates. You should not forget to drink water abundantly, because when the organism is thirsty it emits some signs like when you are hungry.

2. You should not leave the gym

The temptation to leave the gym during these days is great, but if you have a few days off you do not have to stop exercising and if you go on a trip, at least try to walk or run the maximum possible days. Besides, physical exercise helping you to lose weight. It will improve your mood and will help you to fight with the stress. About thirty minutes each day of walk through the city or the countryside will be enough to keep the metabolism activated.

3. Control what you drink

When you drink more than usual all the mechanisms and inhibitions of control will be useless and you will end up jumping all the limits that you have been able to mark in the matter of foods. With two more cups everything will seem correct, even finish the tray of the polvorones alone.

4. Increase protein in the diet and reduce carbohydrates discreetly

This rule is only for these days. You should start breakfast well loaded with protein, for example with an egg or a yogurt. According to a study carried out at the University of St. Louis, people who eat breakfast with eggs (not with eggs and bacon) lose up to sixty-five percent more weight than those who eat breakfast, even though the number of calories is similar. At meals and at dinners it is best to eat salmon, shrimp or turkey instead of bread, sweets, nougat or polvorones.

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