Tips To Get Firm Skin

Tips To Get Firm Skin

Collagen is a protein found in animals and serves to keep the skin of the body firmer. It helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and the integrity of muscles. Also, ligaments, tendons, and joints of muscles get firm.

The collagen in the body decreases from the age of 30, reducing by about 1% each year. By age 50, the body only produces about 35% of the collagen needed, which is why we look old.

The decrease in the concentration of collagen in the body causes:
  • Thinning of the hair strand;
  • Sagging skin;
  • The appearance of wrinkles and expression lines;
  • The appearance of stretch marks;
  • Dehydration of the skin, leaving it thin and with less elasticity;
  • Decreased density of bones, joints, and ligaments.

The pharmaceutical industry and aesthetic medicine have advanced a lot. Many medications and treatments make your skin to produce more collagen. These keep our skin firm and look rejuvenated.

Some tips for healthy skin are:
  • The most important is to make a diet rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • Also diet rich in minerals like copper, selenium, zinc, and silicon.
  • Using collagen-based moisturizing creams or taking hydrolyzed collagen capsules or tablets. These are on sale at pharmacies and health food stores, are also helps for healthy skin.

There are also other foods that contain the so-called “firming” of the skin. They are present in:

  1. Citrus fruits: They are rich in vitamin C essential substance for the formation of collagen.
  2. Flaxseed: It is to be rich in fiber, and it contains omega-3, an essential nutrient for younger skin.
  3. Atum and salmon: It is rich in omega-3.
  4. Chestnuts, nuts, and almonds: It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are important for skin vitality and vitamin E;
  5. Natural yogurt: It is a source of calcium that helps in muscle contraction.
  6. Pumpkin, carrot, melon, and peach: It contains vitamin A. These are responsible for the regeneration of the skin.

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