How To Use Garlic For Warts

How to Remove Warts with Garlic

Are you looking for a natural method to remove warts? Different home remedies that can help you get rid of these bumps without resorting to chemicals. The garlic is one of those natural products that can help you get rid of warts in your home. Here you will discover how to remove warts with garlic.

How to remove warts with garlic:

First, it is necessary to emphasize that, before proceeding to eliminate your warts with homemade remedies, it will be necessary that you visit your dermatologist or medical specialist to determine that there is no skin or general health problem. Also, in the case of proliferating warts, you may require medical intervention to get rid of them entirely.

However, we can emphasize that garlic is one of the natural products with higher capacity to soften warts. We find its power to “burn” the skin and, therefore, make warts disappear.

That is why you should only apply the garlic on the affected area. Avoid contact with the healthy skin around it to prevent burns or redness.

  1. Wash the area of warts with water and neutral soap so that it is well cleaned.
  2. Then you have to peel and cut or crush a clove of garlic to apply it on the wart or warts you want to remove.
  3. You can choose to cut it into thin slices with a knife or grind it to get a kind of paste.
  4. We suggest you cut the garlic you need and keep the rest in the refrigerator for use the next day. Otherwise, it will break quickly.
  5. Next, proceed to cover the wart with the piece of garlic or the paste resulting from crushing it.
  6. Remember that you should not come into contact with the neigh-boring area, i.e., with healthy skin as garlic can cause burns in that area.
  7. Cover warts with sterile gauze or bandage and a piece of tape to get the garlic to perform its function and avoid staining the clothes or the rest of the body.
  8. Let the garlic act on the wart for a few hours and then remove it.
  9. You should repeat this action to notice improvement and prevent the proliferation of warts.
  10. Although it is not recommending for people, who have very sensitive skin.

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