5 Foods to Relieve Depression and Improve Mood

5 Foods to Relieve Depression and Improve Mood

The fact that food has the particular impact on our health. To some extent, it can influence our mood. Everyone knows the foods containing the hormone of happiness serotonin. Scientists continue to research in this area. Recent results suggest that some food positively influences us in depression. It provides a calming effect and improves mood.

5 Foods to Relieve Depression and Improve Mood
1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Anxiety, weakness, lethargy, irritability can be signals of a lack of magnesium. An excellent source of this valuable microelement is leafy greens. Spinach, leaf cabbage, beet tops are perfect green abundant full of Magnesium.

2. Pumpkin seeds

Many studies have confirmed that eating pumpkin seeds reduces stress levels. It helps in neutralizing social phobias. Also, they have a beneficial effect on sleep and help with insomnia. The fact that pumpkin seeds contain a significant amount of zinc. Zinc aids in increasing serotonin levels with all the resulting positive health consequences.

3. Red meat

Quality red meat without antibiotics is a valuable source of nutrients. It contains amino acids, zinc, iron, and fatty omega-3 acids. These maintain necessary stable level of chemicals in the brain. Thus it plays the role of neurotransmitters. As, for example, not unknown serotonin. It affects our mood. At times of stress, the level of this hormone drops and at moments of happiness, it goes off the scale. Maintaining serotonin at a stable level, it helps to cope with anxiety and depression. Thereby it reduces attacks of hunger and allows you to control your appetite.

A 2010 study states that people who consumed high-quality red meat will reduce depression. If provided with vegetables, whole grains and fruits, developing depression was lower than in people whose diet was with refined foods and beer.

4. Rooibos tea

This drink does not contain a gram of caffeine. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent alternative to coffee, which increases the intensity of reactions. It helps in fighting against depression and anxiety.

5. Sauerkraut and other fermented products

Fermented foods contain enzymes and probiotics that maintain a healthy state of intestinal flora. It improves digestion and affects brain function. A study when conducted with a group of people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome established the relationship between intestinal health and emotional state. In most cases, the one who suffered from this syndrome had problems with the work of the digestive tract. The course of treatment with probiotics gave positive results in restoring healthy intestine. There was a significant reduction in the intensity of manifestation of depression.

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