Foods to Reduce Abdominal Fat

Foods to Reduce Abdominal Fat

The abdominal fat is the ugliest parts that exist if we have those extra pounds. But there is not anything to worry.

We like to give you tips of the most useful when it comes to a healthy and balanced diet. To fight against abdominal fat, it is not only essential to exercise. You should also fight it through the diet, and opt for these foods to reduce abdominal fat that will be of great help.

1. Avocados

This exotic fruit contains a high content of oleic acid, a component that has excellent satiating properties and thus eliminates the feeling of hunger for a long time.

Avocado is also an excellent source of fiber that will regulate all our intestinal transit. We recommend that you take some avocado on a brown bread toast in the mornings.

You will see the abdominal fat will reduce in a few weeks.

2. Cherries

Who does not like cherries?. The truth is that they have a sweet taste that is sure to appeal to everyone. However, the advantages of this red fruit not only reside in its flavor.

Cherries also help us to regulate your metabolism. Thus, cherries are an option to take into account to satiate your appetite. Cherries are easy to carry. So you will have no problem of consuming them in your work or while you are on the bus or the subway.

The cherries are also rich in antioxidants that will help to maintain a healthy heart.

We recommend that you buy them as fresh as possible so that they keep all their properties intact.

3. Tomatoes

The tomatoes have become the star accompaniment of any self – respecting salad. Tomatoes can consume at any time of the year.

The tomatoes are great allies to reduce the lipids (or fats in this case) that run through our blood supply.

So taking tomatoes a couple of times a week will help you to reduce abdominal fat.

You can go with them with any salad with onion, cucumber or tuna. Or cut into slices with a little bit of olive oil and garlic powder.

4. Banana

Banana is an excellent source of all sorts of useful components like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Thanks to them, the banana is also a satiating food that will help you to regulate your appetite.

We recommend that you take banana in the middle of the morning. It will help you to get its high potassium content and above will give you an extra energy before lunchtime. Also, we recommend taking bananas after extreme sports. It will help you to recover your caloric intake while enjoying your sweet taste.

5. Seafood

Seafood, in general, contains a monounsaturated fat that helps to get rid of other more damaging to our health.
Seafood is one of the excellent sources of Omega 3, a natural fat that is highly beneficial to our heart and also for all those people suffering from high cholesterol.

We will agree that not all can afford to consume seafood every week. Nor are we asking you for that. Moreover, it is not entirely advisable since its regular consumption may influence the increase of uric acid.

But it is advisable to take some piece of this “red delicacy” whenever you can.

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