How To Use Flaxseed For Colon Cleansing

Flax seeds have excellent properties, and it is ideal to cleanse our colon as well as eliminate waste that can affect our health. We can combine them with kefir and thus obtain better results. Today we’ll show you how to use flaxseed for colon cleansing.

If we want to relieve our intestine of accumulated toxic loads, we can use the properties of flaxseed and kefir to improve our condition.

It also helps to eliminate mucous membranes, fecal deposits, and parasites that may be in the intestines and thus prevent future complications.

Constipation, metabolism, diabetes, increase, or low weight, kidney, and liver diseases hearing or vision problems are a sign that our intestines are clogged.

Today we will show you flaxseed colon cleanse which you can not only clean and detoxify your colon as well as the intestines due to its natural properties that can improve your health.

How To Use Flaxseed To Cleanse Colon

If we consume between 1 to 3 tablespoons of flaxseed meal for three weeks we can clean our intestines, eliminate from the mucus to parasites. It also helps us to eliminate fat and regulate our metabolism, reducing cholesterol levels and eliminating possible toxins.

Take this drink instead of a traditional breakfast, for three weeks.


Week #1: Mix one tablespoon of flaxseed flour in 100 ml of kefir or plain yogurt.

Week #2: Mix two tablespoons of flaxseed flour in 100 ml of kefir or plain yogurt.

Week #3: Mix three tablespoons of flaxseed flour in 150 ml of kefir or plain yogurt.

If you can not get the flaxseed flour, you can get the flax seeds and grind them to a powder. I recommend making this preparation every day because when preparing all the portions over time, it could ferment the drink.

In the same way, you must drink at least 2 liters of water during the day for better results, and you can add a little honey to the water, this favors the cleaning of our body.

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