9 Flat Tummy Tips To Get Your Tummy In Shape

Are you in quest of valuable tips to achieve a flat tummy? Are you someone who is hiding your protruding belly under the baggy tops? Are you buying pant sizes that is too big for your actual size? Then you are not the only ship in the ocean.  Protruding belly fat is always been a problem for most men and women and most of them look for effective ways to ward them off. Follow our tips to get a flat and attractive tummy in a short time span, without much effort.

Flat tummy tips that really works

1. Limit your level of stress:

Stress and anxiety are secret culprits that secrete the cortisol hormone that encourages the body to store in more fat, especially at the abdominal region.

But stress has become indispensable from our lives and to get rid of it, practice deep breathing exercises.

2. Concentrate on cardio regimen:

More than fat, muscles are more metabolically active, more the muscles, more the metabolic rate, more the metabolic rate more are the calories burnt.

Cardio and resistance training helps building lean muscles that stimulate metabolism.

3. Include whole grains in diet:

In a study it has been proven that people who ate whole grains instead of refined ones lost more abdominal fat, it is good practice to include three servings of whole grains a day and decrease intake of carbohydrates.

4. Limit sugar intake:

It is a good practice to avoid sugars altogether as this would help keeps insulin levels low and glucagon levels high. Hormone glucagon always fights to keep belly fat low as it demands them to get metabolism and offered as energy.

5. Reduce salt intake:

Salt is again the worst culprit that gets the tummy bloat. Natural sea salt or kosher salt is the best alternative as they are low in sodium compared with table salt.

And limit soy sauce to the maximum as they are again rich in sodium content. Sodium attracts more water from the system resulting in bloating and unnecessary weight gain.

6. Control portion sizes:

Keep an eye of what you eat. Portion controlled meals throughout the day is the best tip to have a flat belly.

7. Side plank exercises:

Simple abdominal exercises that could be performed at home are an excellent means of keeping weight under control.

Side plank exercise though is tough and challenging, is good for the abdomen and helps support the entire body during its course. It gets the person work harder to get stable and thus burns more calories.

8. Remove all processed foods from diet plan:

All processed foods such as potato chips, carbonated drinks, and restaurant dinners should be avoided. Avoid even canned items as their preservatives are rich in sodium or sugar content.

These would keep the belly bloated irrespective of numerous efforts to keep it flat. Replace junks with quality organic foods and snacks that are loaded with good nutrients.

9. Refrain from alcohol:

Say no to alcohol as the concept of beer belly exists. Alcohol is also rich in sugar content, adding up more calories.

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