27 Best Fat Burning Tips

Are you starting your journey and do not know where to start? See 27 quick and practical fat burning tips while preserving muscle mass.

27 Best Fat Burning Tips

1. Consume more antioxidants to prevent inflammation, which leads to increased body fat.

2. Drink enough water to stay hydrated and help the body to release toxic substances from the body.

3. Avoid alcohol altogether. If it is not possible, give preference to wines that are a “less bad” choice.

4. Eliminate sugar from the diet. If you put on the scale, even moderate use of sugar causes more problems than it solves when it comes to burning fat.

5. Limit the consumption of fructose because some fruits can cause unwanted peaks of insulin and disrupt fat burning.

6. Be as active as possible on a day-to-day basis. Move it over. Always park away from your destination, always take the stairs and always try to do your household chores (mowing lawns, laundering, etc.)

7. Eliminate all processed foods from your diet – as simple as that.

8. Eliminate all trans-fat from your diet like margarine.

9. Eliminate high-glycemic dietary carbohydrates such as soft drinks, sugary biscuits, etc.

10. Do not avoid fats. Research shows that people who consume good fats in their diets have more androgens and less body fat.

11. Use good fats, mainly favoring the consumption of omega-3 that has properties that help in burning fat.

12. Use high-quality proteins – such as those found in red meat and chicken.

13. Include foods that contain probiotics to maximize digestion and boost nutrient uptake.

14. Drink green tea to maximize fat burning and increase the release of impurities from the body.

15. Drink coffee before workouts to increase fat burning and training ability.

16. Avoid milk before training because this habit usually generates persistent peaks of insulin that causes the body to burn less energy in the workout.

17. Do not drink coffee after training. This habit can elevate the cortisol unnecessarily to the point of disrupting fat burning and muscle recovery.

18. The training should always be using compound exercises such as squatting, ground lifting, bench press, fixed bar, and Olympic lifts.

19. Avoid insulating exercises that use only one joint, such as concentrated threading or leg extension.

20. Use shorter rest periods (10 to 60 seconds) to generate the highest possible response to growth hormone (GH).

21. Use a training protocol that aims at hypertrophy, doing the exercises with 8 to 12 repetitions for 3 or more sets.

22. Do the exercises in a way that the time on tension is higher to burn more energy and increase post-exercise oxygen consumption.

23. Train heavy to the point of generating an anabolism response. Increasing the growth hormone is a priority since one of its effects is the burning of fat.

24. Vary the workout using circuit training with little rest between sets, thus stimulating increased GH production.

25. For gradual fat loss, including strength training cycles that favor the production of testosterone, i.e., using heavy loads (using up to 95% of 1 repetition maximum), slightly longer between the series (2 to 3 minutes) and more series.

26. Train more intensely. Not seeing results? Probably lack of intensity. Be especially aware of the interval between sets.

27. Give more priority to anaerobic training than aerobic training.

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