Burn Body Fat With This Delicious Lemonade


There are foods that have properties that help us to digest, assimilate and eliminate fats in the right way to prevent them from accumulating in the usual areas, such as thighs, glutes, abdomen, etc.

In this article, we will introduce some of them, with which you can prepare a delicious fat-burning lemonade that will allow you to lose weight much faster and in a much more pleasurable way. Do not miss it, come check it out!

A fat-burning lemonade

This drink will surprise you by its ingredients, although the main one of them is the lemon, contains others in small quantity that are also useful to burn fats.


  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 2 envelopes of green tea or red tea, or the amount proportional to two cups.
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil or flaxseed oil (15 ml)
  • One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar if possible without pasteurizing (5 ml)
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper powder
  • Stevia to taste, to sweeten.


  • Separate a portion of the hot water to make the infusion.
  • Once it has boiled, let it stand for 4 minutes, and then add the brewed brew and the rest of the ingredients in a blender.
  • Beat for 30 seconds.
  • Strain the drink and it’s ready.We can take it hot, warm, or cold.


This drink will be most beneficial if taken separate from meals, especially fasting, which is the time of day when the body is more receptive.

We can take this lemonade every day for a month. Not only will notice that it helps you lose weight faster, and also will notice an improvement in the general level, physical and energetic.

Benefits of each ingredient


  • This citrus fruit is one of the most potent medicinal foods to digest and eliminate fats, both for its properties that speed up metabolism and for its content in ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

Green tea

  • This excellent millenarian beverage contains catechins, substances that help to burn fat gradually if consumed daily.In addition, it is a beverage with many other nutrients, among which are anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic compounds.

Red tea

  • Red tea has similar properties to green tea as antioxidants and burns fat components.Its flavor is stronger, so we can alternate it or choose another depending on its flavor.
  • Red tea is a bit more stimulating than green tea, so if we suffer from insomnia, we will opt for green tea.

Cayenne pepper

  • Cayenne pepper is an excellent natural stimulant to increase sweating and speed up the heart rate naturally, to stimulate the metabolism to burn fats.
  • If we are not accustomed to the spicy taste, we will begin by putting a small amount and increasing it progressively.


  • Ginger has similar properties to cayenne pepper but is much milder, so it is the ideal choice if it comes out too expensive to consume the cayenne pepper.

Coconut oil

  • This oil is part of the group of healthy fats that, although surprising, help to balance the fats of the body.That is, to lose weight or to gain weight according to what the body needs. In addition, it contributes with many other nutrients beneficial to health.

Linseed oil

  • This healthy fat is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and helps reduce body fat index in a healthy way.

Apple vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar activates the body’s natural enzymes that allow you to digest and eliminate fat.


  • Sweeteners, even if they are healthy like honey and sugar cane, are not recommendable if we want to lose weight.Stevia, on the other hand, not only has many virtues but also contains no calories.

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