13 Best Fat Burning Exercises

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When we decide to burn the fat that protrudes from our belly or buttocks, we usually promise to regularly go to the gym and undergo a healthy and balanced diet. Various investigations have shown that you do not have to spend hours on the treadmill or to lift weights to achieve your goals. A few fat burning exercises can be as effective as a long walk.

There is no effective way to burn fat from one particular part of the body and fat burning exercises help in transforming the entire body as a whole. The most effective way to burn fat fast is through a monitored calorie diet along with a sensible workout routine.

Fat Burning Exercises

1. Pushups

The pushups work mainly the chest and triceps muscles, but there are also involved trunk and leg muscles, so it is a complete body exercise.

It can be complicated at first because several muscles are used that need time to strengthen and get used to exercising. Therefore, it is necessary to train regularly. There are several bending routines, but here we propose you where to start step by step.

How To Do:

Initial position:

  • Chest and hands in contact with the ground.
  • Elbows that do not exceed 90 degrees.
  • Feet separated the width of the shoulders.
  • Raise the arms of the floor until you stay in a straight line.
  • The hips and legs can not leave the floor after the chest.
  • Straight arms and body.

1. The first phase of the push-ups is the iron. If you can not keep ironing, you can not do a flex. So practice series of plates so that the trunk participates both when climbing and when lowering your weight.

2. Start doing push-ups on the knees and increase the repetitions little by little over time.

3. You can even perform push-ups using a raised surface, such as a step, where you can rest your hands and try to push yourself with your feet always with your upper body raised.

4. Practice until you can control a whole movement of a standard flex.

2. Squats

The squats are the most effective exercise to train the legs, abs, and glutes. They are not harmful to the knees. On the contrary, they can strengthen them.

It consists of squatting as if you were going to sit down and get up again. In short, you sit and rise again and again and repeat this movement several series.

It is a great exercise to reaffirm the gluteal muscles. There is almost no other exercise in which the glutes have to work so hard.

How To Do:

Initial position:

  • Vertical posture, feet slightly outward.
  • Feet separated shoulder-width apart.
  • Hips below the knees.
  • The arms do not touch the body.
  • Shoulders, hips, knees, and heels in line.

Of course, to get the correct posture, the knees should not be inwards, nor should they exceed the toes.

The most significant force is exercised with the buttocks, but depending on the version of the exercise you choose, the front or back part of the thigh is trained more. In particular, quadriceps are used, which are located in the front of the thigh, the muscles of the hips, the three muscles of the buttocks and the two twins.

3. Dumbbell Press:

While using dumbbells it is important to ensure that feet rest firmly on the ground so that one could generate additional reps by transferring effort from the feet.

  • Hold the dumbbells directly over the chest zone squeeze and hold the dumbbell at the top for few seconds and lower the weight.
  • Do not bounce the weight from the chest and try to keep the elbow away from the body.
  • Dumbbell flyes are also a valuable exercise that isolates the chest and works on it.
  • Longer is the muscle utilized best is the result.
  • Perform dumbbell press and flyers with a controlled and constant motion.
4. Pull-Ups

Even those in good physical condition may have difficulty lifting their entire body weight. To work the perfect dominated, you have to practice until you achieve total body tension and generate the necessary strength for it.

How To Do:

1. Start hanging on the bar for 60 seconds.

2. When you feel comfortable, try using a resistance band to help you up and down.

3. You can also complicate the exercise with the “negative” Pull-up, where you descend from the bar.

5. Leg Lift

Leg lifts are a particularly useful exercise to train the abdominal muscles. The difficulty is in getting the legs fully extended.

This exercise consists of lifting the legs and keeping them stretched to move them in series from top to bottom in a controlled manner and forming a 90-degree angle. This exercise strengthens the abdominals in addition to the oblique muscles and quadriceps.

How To Do:

  • In the starting position, lying on your back, lift your legs straight until they are upright.
  • Next, lower your legs to the ground tense and without bending.
  • Place the arms parallel to the body, palms face down, while the back is in constant contact with the ground.
6. Burpees

A complete exercise that makes you go from zero to a hundred and sweat to the minute. They help to tone, accelerate to burn fat and are perfect both for a warm-up and for physical activity routine.

  • You can start doing some series with a minute of rest between series and series.
  • The exciting thing is that you do between 3 and 5 even if they are little burpees but that there are acceleration and short rest.

7. Deadlift

The deadlift is another of the exercises that involve so many muscle groups that put you at a mile per hour in little are very beneficial. It consists of lifting a bar or weight from the floor to the waist, and the essential thing is that you make a proper technique.

Some exercises are more harmful than others or may have a higher risk of injury if they are not done accurately, and with proper execution, the deadlift is one of them. Go little by little until you control the movement one hundred percent. Better slow than a hernia.

8. Triceps Pushdown
  • Perform this exercise at a gradual and slow rate and transmit the weight equally by bending the elbows and keeping the arms at a 90-degree angle.
  • Try to keep the elbows close to the body and squeeze the triceps at a downward movement.
  • Do not try swinging the body and lean forward to offer additional leverage.
9. Dips
  • Perform dips by taking support from a bar and squeeze it as hard as possible to gain additional support, the more force gets applied to the bar, the more strongly the person would grow.
  • Keep the chest up, bend or cross the feet and tighten the gluteal muscles while going up.
  • This dips build form would strengthen and straighten the elbows.
10. Jumps

It may seem simple exercise, but jumps are the best training for the back, buttocks, and legs.

How To Do:

  • In the starting position, open the legs to the width of the shoulders, then join the legs with a slight jump while raising the arms at the same time so that the hands touch behind the head.
  • Make sure you keep your head straight and look straight ahead.

The jumps work mainly the legs, in particular in the twins, although they also exercise the buttocks, the abductors and the internal muscles of the thighs also called adductors.
By performing this exercise, the abdominal and torso muscles provide the necessary stability and balance. The muscles of the feet are also strengthened.

11. Sit-ups

Tight-packed abdomen could be attained only by performing intense sit-ups extending constant tension over the muscles.

  • One has to ensure to perform a variety of sit-ups that would target at all angles and aim at 15-20 reps of each of them with no rest.
  • Ensure that the abdomen gets contracting with every rep and include oblique crunches and reverse crunches with this exercise for additional results at the earliest.
12. Stomach Vacuum

This is one important exercise that most people go missing but is an integral part of their abs exercise routine. This gets the transverse muscles to work and avoids abdomen from protruding or sticking out.

  • Start by lying on the back and exhale all air out of the lungs, not do inhale but suck in the stomach and see the abs touching the spine, hold on for ten seconds in this position and release slowly.
  • Perform three times stomach vacuum for good results and relax adequately after the exercise.
13. Battle Rope

It seems to lift large strings off the ground and move them up and down energetically. It is one of the hardest and tired exercises. You start to sweat in half a minute but accelerates the burning of fat that gives pleasure. There is a process to burn fat, the body will first pull water and salts and to exhaust those reserves will pull fat, so it is better that these exercises do it once you have about half an hour of warm-up.

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