How To Relieve Eyebrow Headache

The headaches appear without warning, they settle us in an area and, sometimes, they hammer us until we get dizzy without any explanation. One very frequent is eyebrow headache, which usually located in the frontal area. Sometimes it extends across the entire forehead and in others only between the eyebrows, although in both situations we want it to happen as soon as possible.

Many of the pains we feel in this area caused by the principle of cold, stress, fatigue, tension, fever, eyestrain. Although not all have the same origin, or the same intensity or affect us in the same way, however, to alleviate it and be able to feel better there are some tricks that we are going to tell you.

How To Relieve Eyebrow Headache

As soon as our head hurts we tend to ingest paracetamol since it is the quickest way to remedy it. However, on many occasions, we could avoid medication intake and relieve it with simple remedies. Try to get used to not self-medicate our body will be good for us in the medium and long term.

Take a look at these tricks to try to leave behind this type of pain.

1. Rest Your Eyes

Take a few minutes to not watch TV, or your computer screen, or your mobile. Just close your eyes and try to reduce the tension in your forehead. Stretch it as if you do not want it to have wrinkles. Alternate raise your eyebrows and close your eyes to release tension and try to relax everything you can by breathing slowly.

2. Massage Pain Area

Gently press your fingers in the pain area to superficially massage the area. Sometimes, the tension accumulated in several points is such that just massaging it relieves us.

3. Place Your Fingers On The Inner Edge Of  The Eyebrows

If the pain is very localized in the eyebrows, place your fingers on the inner edge of the eyebrows. By gently pressing these two points can alleviate the mucus and improve the visual acuity as well as the symptoms of the flu and the cold.

4. Drink Water

Sometimes, a headache located in this area can be a symptom of dehydration, so drinking water (not very cold) can help us to remedy it. Even on some other occasions, it may be indicative that a portion of food does not suit us. For example, garlic. After eating a dish that contains a lot of garlic, in addition to not doing well the digestion, we can have a localized headache.

5. Put On Your Glasses

If you should wear glasses (or near or far), but you do not wear them, try to do it. Sometimes this pain occurs because we force our eyes to see better, something that fixed by putting on our vision lenses. If you do not use them, make sure you do not need them, you may be falling for your eyesight without you noticing.

6. Massage The Major Zygomatic Muscle

It is a muscle of the face, located in the hollows of the cheeks that elevates the corners of the lips. It can cause frontal headache, so it is essential to relax the face and mouth and massage that area to eliminate tension that can cause pain.

You must keep in mind that if this headache becomes chronic, that is, you have it practically fixed, or it is very recurrent, you should go to the doctor.

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