Exercises Reduce Waist And Burn Abdominal Fat

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One of our greatest desires, not only of women but also of men, is to reduce the waist and have a flat stomach. Not only for aesthetic reasons. The abdominal distention is very annoying, and the fat that accumulates in the perimeter of the abdomen is dangerous for the health.

It is one of the causative factors of the so-called metabolic syndrome, a set of pathologies that increases the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes and heart. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of that fat, as far as possible, naturally. That is, with exercises to reduce waist and diet that does not contribute to our body to accumulate more fat.

What Exercises Help To Reduce Waist

The ideal is to combine aerobic or resistance training with strength exercises a minimum of three days a week plus an active rest the rest of the week. If we are constant, we will burn abdominal fat in three months.

Start with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise:

You can run, ride a static or elliptical bike at a moderate to intense pace. That is to say, that does not drown you to the point of having to stop, but that you feel it is difficult for you to talk.

Continue with 30 minutes of strength:

The goal is to work the abdomen and different muscle groups. These training sessions, also, will speed up the metabolism to promote greater burning of calories and fat.

Keep The Record:

It is essential to be consistent since strength training requires regular training. See that in approximately 12 weeks you are achieving the result you expect, it will be enough motivation for you to continue training.

Exercises To Burn Abdominal Fat

It is not necessary that you go to a sports center to perform strength exercises. However, it is convenient that, at least at the beginning, a personal trainer tells you how to do them correctly to avoid the risk of injury.


It is the most complete and intense exercise. Along with all the muscle groups involved, the abdomen is very active. It is the sequence of movements that you must repeat for one minute and without rest:

How To Do:

  • The initial position in squatting with hands on the ground and head erect.
  • Shift your legs back with your feet together and perform a chest flexion or bottom.
  • Pick up the legs returning to the starting position.
  • Lift the whole body with a jump and clap the hands.
  • Repeat the exercise a total of 3 sets of 12 repetitions each, with a break of 30 seconds between sets.

It will work the musculature of the core or central area of ​​the body.

How To Do:

  • The width of the shoulders starts with the legs open, and the knees are continued slightly flexed during all the work.
  • From here, perform hip flexion or bowing by bringing the arms to an intermediate point between the knees and the ankles.
  • You should always descend with your back straight to avoid injuries and ascend by making forces from the abdomen, where we want to focus on the effectiveness of the exercise.

Tip: To increase the intensity, you can help with a bar or dumbbells.


It is one of the powerful exercises to burn general fat and, therefore, localized, since it involves a large number of muscle groups.

How To Do:

  • Separate the legs the width of the shoulders and act as if you were sitting down, lowering the body at a 90-degree angle with the knees.
  • Keep your posture with your knees bent between 20 and 30 minutes.

It is the most effective exercise to burn fat located in the abdomen area. It works the abdomen area, lumbar gluteus, and legs are activated.

How To Do:

  • It consists of placing the body horizontally to the ground.
  • Eye, it is not a flexion: the weight rests on the forearms and the tips of the feet.
  • Perform five sets of 30 seconds each and rest 30 seconds between sets.


If your lower back bothers you or you can not stand as much strength in your arms, you can support your knees.

Lunges Or Strides

It will work the quadriceps, glutes, and abdominals.

How To Do:

  • Stand up, with your legs spread the width of your shoulders, and move one leg to a 90-degree angle with the knee while the body descends vertically.
  • After a few seconds holding the position, return to the initial position.
  • Then change the leg.

Tip: Not to hurt you, keep your back straight and your hip at the same level.


How To Do:

  • Rest your hands on the floor and stretch your legs parallel to the floor, as if you were going to make iron, with your back straight.
  • From this initial position, bring the knees to the chest alternately, one at a time.
  • Hold the movement for a minute without disturbing the rhythm.

What To Eat For Flat Stomach

In addition to these exercises, diet is essential to reduce waist and burn abdominal fat. These tricks will help you:

1. Eat whole fruit and fewer smoothies, to take advantage of the fiber of the food.

2. Avoid carbonated drinks, and they cause abdominal swelling.

3. The chewing gum swells since when chewing it air is swallowed.

4. Avoid sugar and sweeteners, since the latter is also difficult to digest.

5. Chew and eat slower to avoid swelling.

6. Drink plenty of water, since it contributes to the elimination of liquids.

7. If you suffer a lot of gas, bloating and pain, go to the doctor. You could have a food intolerance.

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