4 Best Exercises For Numbness In Hands

Exercises For Numbness In Hands

Feeling the numb hand is not necessarily a symptom of a pathology: It can happen if you work at the computer for a long time, with your elbow resting on your desk. Or if you overload your wrist because you hold the brake levers for a long time when you move by bike or scooter. In this article, we’ll give you the best exercises for numbness in hands to perform immediately after losing sensitivity, or when you feel that your wrist or elbow are blocked. If you work for many hours on the PC, you can repeat the sequence twice a day: relief will be immediate.

Exercises For Numbness In Hands

1. Join The Palms
  • Standing upright with your back in the air, suck the navel back towards the column.
  • Now, keeping your elbows wide, put your palms together just under your chin.
  • Then, keep your shoulders low and away from your ears, lower your hands in front of your chest without detaching them from each other, and exhale.
  • Hold the position for five deep breaths.
  • Perform 2-4 times, spacing each repetition with 2 deep breaths.
2. Pull Your Fingers
  • Stand up in front of a wall, stretch your left arm and place the palm of your hand corresponding to the wall, with your fingers down.
  • The elbow is well extended, while the shoulders are relaxed.
  • Then, with the right hand, pull the fingers of the left and portal towards the wrist.
  • Perform 2-4 repetitions on each side, with a pause of one breath at the end of each stretch.
3. Rotate The Wrists
  • Stretch out on the ground, place a small cushion both under the neck and in the hollow of the knees, to keep the body well aligned.
  • Raise your arms towards the ceiling and, keeping your hands soft and relaxed, slowly make wrist movements.
  • Complete 12 clockwise movements, pause for two breaths and then repeat, for as many times, in the counterclockwise.
  • Then, stretch your arms to the sides of the body and relax for five full breaths.
4. Tighten And Widen The Elastic
  • Wrap a rubber band, flat (a ribbon), around the hand.
  • Place it between thumb and little finger, then squeeze and spread your fingers 8-12 times.
  • Perform two sets with both hands.
  • Between sets, move your fingers freely, without elastic, for three breaths.

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