10 Best Exercises For Legs, Arms And Abdomen

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Excellent mental health goes through perfect physical health. Although you believe that sport is just an addition and a way to lose weight, remember that it is also essential to keep your body in shape and avoid fatigue. If you do not work your muscles continuously, they will lose their elasticity more quickly. Three areas of the body are especially exposed to this loss: arms, abs, and legs.

Performing exercises for the abdominal part, beyond the aesthetic aspect, helps to win sign at the level of the pelvic girdle as well as protect the back and the so prized spine. The idea that doing abdominal exercises helps to burn calories. It’s a myth! They allow to increase in an obvious way the muscle mass and tone the area, but they will not make you lose weight.

The fat located in this area can only eliminate with a diet and the practice of various physical activities. Some exercises like the burpees work the area very individually. One of the common is undoubtedly the crunch, also called “abdominal shrinkage,” which involves exercising the more significant part of the abdomen. It helps to develop collaterally other parts of the body, such as the greater oblique or the tensor of the fascia lata.

These exercises do not require any material, they can do at home, with only tights and a sports shirt.

In the same way, you can tone your arms with the minimum investment of manacles. Triceps and biceps, each exercise will focus on a particular area, which will allow you to avoid the unpleasant effect of fallen arms.

You will already know most of the exercises to work the legs: the push-ups and squats are the most known for their visible effects and above all their comfort. Do not hesitate to beat them with gym machines, TRX bands, or even modifying the movement a bit.

Try to do the exercises regularly, without repeating too often not to get the opposite effect. Finding your sports routine can take time, but in the long term, it’s worth it.

If you want to return or start training like a champion, join these exercises for legs, arms, and abdomen. Let nothing cause you to lose motivation.

Exercises For Legs, Arms And Abdomen

1. Squats

A chair can be your best workbench to do squats for legs. Very important: when you go down, throw your butt back and feel the weight on your heels. Try that your knees are always in a straight line with your heels, never ahead. Your feet should be parallel and open the width of the shoulders. If it costs you, you can also make this gesture easier by supporting your back on a wall.

2. Strides

This exercise works the legs, putting them strong and toned.

  • To do so, separate the feet the width of the shoulders and carry one leg back: the front will be flexed and the back with the heel up.
  • Lean on the leg that is bend and goes up and down.
  • Remember that when you get down (with your back straight), your knee cannot be in front of your ankle: put the weight on your back leg.
  • Always keep the natural curvatures of the back.
3. Pelvic Lift
  • Lying on your back, with your knees semi-flexed and supporting your feet, raise your pelvis, resting solely on the shoulder blades.
  • For higher difficulty, you can stretch one leg up, an extension with the trunk.
4. Adductors
  • Lie on one side of your body, and keep your head resting on one arm, while the other you support in front of you to maintain balance.
  • Raise the upper leg to the height of the hip. The tip of the foot faces forward.
5. Triceps
  • Sit on the edge of a chair that does not move, with your hands facing forward and your heels resting on the floor.
  • With your back straight, stay only supported with arms and feet.
  • Flex and extend the elbows, which look back.
6. Stretching

An infallible trick to finish toning arms and legs is to stretch. Every time you finish your workout and also, before starting it, save yourself 10 minutes to stretch. This way, you will finish toning your muscles and prepare them for the exercise session.

7. Bridge

It is an essential resistance exercise that needs a little practice. It will gain flexibility quickly.

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, and keep your feet at hip height with your arms on each side of the trunk.
  • Raise your legs resting on your heels to form a line from the knee to the shoulders.
  • Squeeze both buttocks and abdominals and lower carefully.
8. Burpees
  • Squat with your hands on the ground, with your feet between them.
  • Throw your legs back so that you stay doing the iron.
  • Give an impulse with your feet forward and in a movement, jump up, raising your arms and slowly returns to the starting position.
9. With Dumbbells
  • Flex your knees to get a 90º angle with the ground and take a weight in each hand.
  • Maintain this position by doing a series of 20 push-ups with your arms.
10. The Crunch
  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Form a 90-degree angle with your knees, place your hands on the nape of the neck and raise the abdomen by bringing the sternum to the knees.
  • Hold a few seconds and relax your body.
  • Repeat the movement 30 times.
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