Exercises According To Your Physical State


Discover the best exercises to achieve fitness and gain health, depending on your physical state.

Exercises According To Your Physical State

High cholesterol

Both in the case of hypercholesterolemia and hypertension, it is advisable to perform aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming or dancing. Also, aerobic exercise combined with resistance bands, weights or balls helps to control blood sugar levels.

Back pain

If you suffer from back pain on one side swimming is best as it proven that this is a complete sport that strengthens all the muscles of the back in a definitive way. It is ideal to swim back. On the other hand, the pilates classes, both the postural placement and the stretching and strengthening of all muscle groups, but especially those of the back are work.

Injured knee

If you are recovering from an injury you should avoid any type of impact exercise such as jumping, running, playing tennis etc. But it should strengthen the muscles that protect the joint.
To work the muscles that hold the knee, the perfect thing is to practice the bicycle. With this activity, in addition to preventing the knees from carrying the full weight of the body, with pedaling, it helps to lubricate the knee joint. If a stationary bike is using it is still much better.

Exercise to lose weight

People who are overweight, know that they have to exercise to lose weight, but sometimes fatigue and may even have problems in the tendons and joints. Exercise every day for half an hour is a perfect way to start burning fats without excess overload and without fatigue.

If mood fails

For those people who are going through a stage of stress, discouragement, depression or anguish, the perfect thing is to opt for activities that can perform in a group and that are as pleasant as possible such as ballroom dancing, Zumba, belly dancing, etc. In all of them, music plays a special role as it frees from bad thoughts and encourages you to concentrate on exercise.

Joint problems

People who have joint-type ailments have to move even if it costs them. In these cases walking is basic but you can also do other things like reinforcing with body tonic classes and with specialized devices that are in the gyms and that strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms and back in a smooth way. Another good option is to walk inside the pool as in the water the body weighs much less.

Disciplines such as taichi and yoga also help to gain mobility in the joints, as well as improve flexibility and achieve much greater control of the entire body.

Perform individual or collective classes with balls, elastic bands, fitball etc. Or with specialized machines, also helps to develop the muscular groups of the body and to mobilize the joints.

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