How To Use Egg Mask For Thick Hair

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The nutritional composition of the egg makes it one of the complete foods that exist, although its most common use is related to cooking, nowadays it is also using for home treatments, among them is the use of egg mask for thick hair. Read on to know how to use an egg mask for thick hair.

Only women with beautiful hair know that this not only deteriorates the physical appearance of their hair but also is the root of hair problems such as the weakness and the hair fall.

Fortunately, today, the cosmetics industry offers many products and types of treatments specifically designed to contribute to the vitality and volume of hair. However, most of these products, besides being expensive, require a constant application to provide the expected results.

Even most of them are made from chemicals, which eventually end up causing damage to the hair fiber and the scalp, such as irritability. It is where the best option is to try homemade alternatives based on natural ingredients with equally good qualities.

One of these alternatives is the preparation of an egg mask for thick hair, as this is a nutritious source of vitamin A, D, and E, all ideal for taking care of hair health.

How Does Egg Mask Help To Get Thick Hair?

The egg mask is a significant contribution of proteins and essential amino acids ideal for improving the hair health and for contributing to its thickening while preventing the fall.

The proteins contained in the egg make it one of the best natural treatments to revitalize fine and brittle hair. These nutrients are rich in vitamins and minerals. These strengthen the strands of hair from the roots and decrease the excessive fall.

How To Use Egg Mask For Thick Hair

1. Egg Mask For Thick Hair


  • Two eggs, depending on the amount of hair

How To Use:

  • Beat two eggs and apply them over the hair and scalp.
  • Cover the mane with a shower cap and let it act for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water. Repeat this three times a week.
2. Olive Oil And Egg Mask For Thick Hair


  • Two eggs, depending on how long you have the hair
  • A teaspoon of olive oil

How To Use:

  • In a medium bowl, add the raw eggs with the teaspoon of olive oil, beat until both ingredients are incorporated.
  • Apply the mask on the hair and scalp.
  • When you have covered your hair from the roots to the tips, cover it with a bathing cap.
  • Let the mask act at least 25 minutes.
  • Remove with plenty of cold water while combing with a wide-fenced comb.
  • It is best to use it three times a week.
3. Beer And Egg Mask For Thick Hair


  • One egg white
  • Approximately 50 ml of non-alcoholic beer

How To Use:

  • Take an egg white and mix with beer, which ensures that they mix well.
  • Apply to damp hair, cover with a plastic shower cap, wrap the head with a towel, and let sit for 30 minutes.
  • Then remove the mixture with a mild shampoo, rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply a moisturizing conditioner.

Benefits Of Egg For Hair

Among the benefits that the egg can provide to hair health, the following stand out:

1. Strengthen Hair

The egg stands out for its high protein content, all essential for hair follicles to remain healthy and hair does not break easily. So that nourishing the hair with egg will make it more resistant, thicker, and with higher density, being one of the best alternatives when it is weak and with split ends.

2. Provides Softness and Shine

When you start to use the egg as a hair treatment, your hair stops to get dry and dehydrated. It will also increase softness and natural shine for hair. In addition to this, your hair will become more manageable when combing and unraveling.

3. Promotes Hair Growth

The egg is considered one of the best foods to accelerate hair growth. It contains biotin, which allows the hair follicles to acquire the necessary nutrients so that the hair grows healthily.

4. Reduce Scalp Fat

The biotin that contains the egg can regulate the sebum production of the sebaceous glands that are found in the scalp, thus reducing excessive fat. When you reduce the fat of the scalp, you make your hair look clean, have more volume, and much healthier.

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