Does Chocolate Help In Periods

Chocolate has many benefits for you when you have menstruation, and is preferable to fat and sugary junk food. And here you can read why does chocolate help periods.

It is quite familiar with a craving for stale food and sweet stuff when it is the time of the month. And there is nothing to say because it is your hormones that tease you.

In the days leading up to your period your stress hormone, also called cortisol, rises and your happiness hormone, also called serotonin, falls. And it is precisely this uneven hormone balance that makes you crave sugar and fatty foods because these foods increase your happiness hormone.

But if you finally have to eat something that increases your happiness hormone, then chocolate is surely at the top of the table of things to choose.

Why Does Chocolate Help Periods

1. Chocolate Relieves Menstrual Pain

Chocolate is also the ultimate eating when you have menstruation because it contains antioxidants and the mineral magnesium, which both have a pain-relieving effect on your menstrual pain and at the same time can boost your energy level. Chocolate can be an essential snack that keeps you on your menstrual days.

2. Chocolate Reduces Your Mood Swings

Because chocolate contains the mineral magnesium and because of it booster your happiness hormone. The chocolate has a soothing effect on your mood swings. And by eating relatively little (of the dark) chocolate, you can satisfy your cravings.

3. Chocolate Gives Happiness And Increased Sex Drive

Chocolate makes your brain release the chemical substances dopamine and opioids that make you happy. So chocolate is one of those foods that makes you happy. And not only that chocolate affects your happiness in a positive direction, but the chocolate can also seem sexually stimulating, so you get an increased desire for sex.

4. The Darker The Chocolate, The Better

Unfortunately, it does not matter what chocolate you lose. Because even if you have the most desire for Marabouch chocolate with nuts, then it is not the best for you to eat loose when you have menstruation. The high sugar content of the light milk chocolate will merely increase your sugar content, and you will find it difficult to satisfy your cravings.

It is much better for you to choose chocolate with a high cocoa content. The dark chocolate is better for your body during menstruation. For the higher the cocoa percentage, the less the sugar content is. There are also more minerals and antioxidants in the dark chocolate that have a soothing effect on your menstrual pain.

So chocolate is one of the things that you can safely eat when you have menstruation, and you can, with good reason, shake off the dark chocolate entirely out of conscience. That’s one of the best news we’ve got for a long time!

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