10 Best Dances For Weight Loss

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For those who want to lose weight, take care of health and search for something different, know that there are several types of dance that contribute to these goals, many offered in studios or academies with trained professionals. Here are the best dances and how to dance for weight loss.

Have you thought about combining dance with weight loss? Losing weight is one of the most significant demands of people, whether for aesthetic or health reasons. In this context, it is essential not to forget always to take care of health.

Fool anyone who thinks that only bodybuilding at gyms can provide toning and weight loss, nowadays the options are varied. Next, see the main types of dance, descriptions, the benefits they offer, and enjoy to choose the one that pleases you the most!

Best Dances For Weight Loss

1. Belly Dance

Some people believe that belly dancing causes sagging belly, but it is essential to mention that this is just a myth. When posture and movement during the dance are correct, the mode becomes able to assist in weight loss, stiffen the belly, and define the abdomen.

Although some divergences appear around its origins, one of the primary roots related to the Belly Dance is the Eastern one. The movements are usually undulating, developed with hip strikes, among other ways of moving that help to work the whole body.

2. Zumba

Zumba is a type of dance that has gained considerable popularity in gyms in recent years. The reason? In addition to providing weight loss, aerobic exercise mixes several rhythms in class, for example, merengue, mambo, and room.

It pointed out that in a whole class of the modality, which has approximately 45 minutes, it is possible to lose from 600 to 1000 calories. However, this will depend on the intensity of the class and the movements performed.

3. Hip Hop

It is a very dynamic mode, with synchronized and generally intense movements. Its techniques are also widely used to lose weight and muscle toning, since the movements work the body as a whole, especially the lower limbs, such as buttocks and calves. Several groups practice this modality, to find professional orientations, search for a music school or cultural centers that have trained teachers.

4. Samba de gafieira

The samba of gafieira is a modality in that around one hour, and the caloric burning can reach in about 600 calories. It is a stimulating rhythm that works well on the muscles of the body, especially the legs. It helps to tone the abdomen, which is also slowly worked up because of the steps taken.

Over the years, the dance has undergone some changes, mainly to the practiced steps, with characteristics of the tango, rock, maxixe, among other rhythms.

5. Ballet

The fact that ballet categorized as classical dance. The association of this type of dance with weight loss is cast aside. However, it is a form that requires precision, concentration, and dedication. This whole set results not only in learning but in toning muscles of the body and contributes to weight loss.

Some children practice ballet and usually stop when following other schools, among different reasons. Sometimes, after they grow up, they may feel that they can not return. However, for young people and adults who wish to practice, it is possible to find accurate guidance and trained professionals in various music schools. Just look for a place of trust.

6. Pole Dance

The movements practiced in pole dance, provide the toning of muscles, improvement of flexibility, and caloric burn of approximately 500 calories in each class. The modality refers to a set of mixtures, which involve movements of ballet, modern dance, and gymnastics. Some people may misjudge this type of dance. However, pole dancing can bring several benefits to your body and well-being!

7. Salsa

Salsa moves the whole body, especially the lower limbs, providing improvements in flexibility and muscle toning. With sensuality, intensity, and fun, it is possible to get the burning of approximately 594 calories every hour of class, depending on the intensity of the exercises performed.

8. Jazz

Jazz is a musical style that brings together popular origins, such as contemporary dance, African dances, and even ballet. It pointed out that in one class, it is possible to have a caloric loss of about 500 calories. All parts of the body are worked, depending on the intensity of the movements practiced in each class.

Do not forget to have a qualified professional and a place of trust. Although jazz has undergone many influences and changes over time, in many places, it is possible to find more traditional forms of rhythm.

9. Tango

Tango has sensuality and elegance as two strong characteristics. However, the modality does not boil down to just that, with approximately one hour of dance, it is possible to eliminate around 474 calories, besides helping in body strengthening and posture. Dance promotes well-being and can contribute significantly to overcoming shyness since it usually performed in pairs.

10. Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance requires more effort because it works with flexibility and muscular strength. Although it requires so much effort, depending on the chosen movements. It is capable of making your emotion, because, in various combinations, it passes lightness, among other emotions.

It is an inherently theatrical genre, which has conquered many places around the world. It pointed out that around one hour of class, it is possible to burn 450 calories, in addition to promoting relaxation and benefits for the whole body.

As seen in this article, one of the essential parts of dances for weight loss is that there are so many possibilities that each one can find the one that prefers and has more fun. The number of calories lost depends on the height, weight, and pace you choose.

Another great benefit besides the fun and calorie burning is the possibility of improving sociability and memory, especially when you consider that most classes are dynamic, with the formation of pairs and help people to lose their shyness.

The way the classes developed can also vary according to each pace and instructors. Some gyms offer packages with more than one type of dance every week, so it is essential to seek the most suitable option to have fun, lose weight, and take care of your health!

Tips On Dance For Weight Loss

Are you a beginner in the dance universe? Want to lose weight by taking advantage of this area? Check out some simple but powerful tips that can help you lose weight by dancing, safely, fun, and comfort!

1. Prioritize Comfort

When practicing dance, just like any other type of physical exercise, try to be appropriately dressed, after all, the wrong clothes and shoes can harm you during class. The shoes should be well chosen because depending on the pace, can cause significant pain and discomfort if they chose wrong.

2. Choose Your Pace Well

It is crucial to choose a rhythm that identified, and that helps you achieve your goals. After all, taking classes in a mode where you do not feel good practicing can be annoying, even leading to dropping out of classes.

3. Choose A Place Of Trust

In this article has already been mentioned the importance of choosing the appropriate place to take classes, be it a dance academy, private lessons or in a gym. However, be sure to check out the syllabus content, features offered, schedules, packages offered, and instructors.

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