Benefits Of Crossfit – Tips & Precautions

If you enjoy practicing some physical activity or have friends who practice, you must have heard of Crossfit. If you are curious about learning Crossfit, what Crossfit is for, and what are Crossfit benefits, it is a recommend for you. Keep reading, and you will know everything.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a sport for those who like to train intensively and diversely. It is a strength training program that works on physical conditioning in general, improving physiological abilities.

It works in the format of a class, meaning you arrive in the box – as they call it where you practice – and your instructor will give you a series of exercises.

It is not just like in the gym, because instead of using the same handsets, you are also encouraged to do activities using your body strength and with different elements such as ropes, tires, obstacles, climbing, and others.
So it is an exciting option for those who like to diversify and be surprised every class.

What is it for?

In general, it serves a different kind of sports practice, which aims to develop muscles and burn calories. As it is a very dynamic practice, it will also contribute to a significant improvement in your mood and motivation.

Crossfit Benefits

Because it is an intense physical activity and for the whole body, it offered many benefits when practiced with the guidance of a trained and professional. After all, just like any physical activity, you only see results if you practice often and have a healthy lifestyle.

1. Strengthen Muscle and Define Body

Because it is a series of strength exercises, it is highly recommended for anyone aiming to increase muscle strength and shape the body as well as traditional bodybuilding.

2. Strengthens the Cardio respiratory System

The combination of strength and endurance exercises results in excellent cardio respiratory strengthening. It contributes to the treatment of respiratory, pressure, artery problems and tones the musculature of the heart.

3. It Improves Mood and Reduces Stress

When you leave class, you feel more positive, cheerful, motivated and good in life. So it is also a type of therapy that helps you live better, for those who adapt and continue to practice with pleasure.

Do You Lose Weight?

Of course, with all these benefits happening at the same time and with the care you need to take with your food, the result could not be otherwise. You will lose accumulated fat. It does not always mean reducing weight because the muscles will grow and they will weigh. The result is that you will have leaner than fat mass.

Can You Do It At Home?

The Crossfit box, which is the place where it practiced, is usually a large shed where the equipment arranged so that one can do one practice after another in an agile way. Many types of equipment are bulky, and some exercises require space. After all, you need an instructor to keep you doing everything correctly.

However, there are also exercises that do not require a lot of space or equipment, such as jumping rope, doing sit-ups, climbing stairs or wooden boxes, and doing push-ups. So, the ones you even get to do at home.
Before practicing at home, it is a recommendation that you take the time to teach in the box with the instructor to know precisely how to do and adapt. Then you can ask the instructor to help you with a workout that you can do at home on days when you can not go to the gym. Then you will know how it works and knows your limits to avoid getting hurt.

Tips for Beginners

Ideally, those who decide to start Crossfit already have a minimum of physical conditioning. At the same time, there are so many people looking to start this activity even if they have not even practiced a walk, that the boxes have already adapted. So if you are sedentary, you can start doing Crossfit, but it is good to follow these tips.

1. Go To The Doctor

If you are sedentary, have a checkup with a general practitioner or cardiologist before you start Crossfit. It’s a pulled workout, and you might end up figuring out the worst way you have any problems.

2. Research Before

There is more and more Crossfit box opening around, but that does not mean they are all reliable. You should look for one that is affiliated with a severe and reputed network with qualified professionals to guide you.

3. Take an Experimental Lesson

Schedule an experimental lesson and see what you think before paying full tuition.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear the same type of clothing you would use to take a walk, run or go to the gym. Comfortable sneakers, light clothes, and tied hair, no accessories. Take your water bottle, a face washcloth, and sports gloves.

Risks and Precautions To Take

  • Just like any physical activity, you should take it easy. Then, if you are a beginner, notify the instructor, as he should pass training for sedentary people. Do not accept to go beyond your limits.
  • Before you begin, always remember to do a complete stretching and warm up to prepare your body. The power for the pre and post workout is also essential.
  • About 3 hours before your workout, eat a lot of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Right after the workout, eat simple carbohydrates and protein. It will help to have more stamina during training and muscle recovery later.
  • Be aware of the person who will train you. Make sure you are a trained professional, preferably a physical education teacher. Observe if he is concerned with guiding you and observing what you are doing.
  • This care is essential both to prevent you from doing the wrong exercise and to suffer an injury, as well as to ensure that you will achieve your goal.

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