Coregasm Workout: The Best Workout Ever

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Training has never been so pleasant. From the United States comes Coregasm workout that improves your sex life. It combines breathing, cardio, and aerobic exercises in the right way, following a specific order to stimulate the pelvic muscles and nerves.

Coregasm workout (from core, abdomen, and orgasm) is inspired by different disciplines such as yoga, pilates, walking, running, but also swimming and dancing. These techniques help to tone the arms, legs, abdominals, and buttocks and awaken the desire to reach ecstasy.

You only need ten training sessions to stimulate the pelvic muscles, as happens during sex, and to experience maximum pleasure, which starts from the pelvic area and rises towards the abdomen. It involves the muscles and especially the nerves that stimulate the brain. It is an extremely physical reaction because you are practicing sports.

Coregasm Workout

1. The Technique To Get To Point G

But how does training work? Start with 20-30 minutes of cardio fitness to prepare the body and wake up the nervous system. During this phase, challenge yourself: if you train on a treadmill, it increases the slope and programs the exercise to a higher level than usual.

Then go on, without exaggerating, with weight lifting workouts, to tire out the muscles and make them more elastic. Finally, you can choose, based on your habits and physical characteristics, the exercises most suitable for you.

2. Russian Twist

The sexiest and funniest exercise? The twist. Which in its Russian version can make you feel very pleasant.

Sit on the floor with your knees bend at 90 degrees and your feet flat on the ground. Hold a medicine ball in front of your chest. Tilt your torso back until you feel the muscles pull, compress the umbilical area and then turn to the right, being careful not to arch your back. So, with a slow movement, make another twist to the left, all while inhaling and exhaling. Repeat ten times per side, then increase to 20-30.

3. Sumo Squat With Rotation

This exercise works by stimulating the blood supply to the clitoral and vaginal area.

Standing, grab a medicine ball, and spread your legs, keeping your feet wider than your shoulders and your fingers in line with your knees. Keep your back straight, bend your legs, and bring the ball you hold in your hands to your left. Contract the buttocks, then return to the starting position, lifting the ball diagonally, over the right shoulder. Repeat ten times on each side.

4. Cow Cat Exercise

It is an excellent warm-up exercise because it allows you to train your back and stimulate the pelvic area gently.

Place hands and knees on the ground lined up at the shoulders and hips looking towards the floor. Inhale as you gently lift your head to look at the ceiling. Then exhale, rotate the spine and slowly drop the head downwards. Switch between these two movements ten times.

5. Bicycle

It involves the abdominal muscles bringing pleasure and intense excitement.

Lie on your back with your knees to bend and the soles of your feet at hip width. Bring your right knee to chest as you push your left leg forward as if you were pedaling. Accompany the left elbow to the right knee, then reverse the move. Continue alternating sides with fluid and slow movements. Start with ten repetitions on each side, then increase to 20-30, up to 50-100, ie, to the point of muscle fatigue. Do not force your neck or push your head with your hands.

6. Superman

Many women find this technique particularly exciting.

Lie on the stomach, raise the arms, chest, and feet a few centimeters from the floor. Stretch as far as possible and tighten buttocks and thighs. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then release and relax. When you are more fit, try to hold on for up to 30-60 seconds. Repeat three times.

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